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Community Business Partnership Project launch 2019

When Eynsham Primary School was built in 1969 it was a flagship school. Its innovative open-plan design and progressive teaching methods attracted the interest of BBC filmmakers as well as educationalists from other countries.

Over the decades, ideas about Primary teaching changed and, although ECPS remained a vital part of Eynsham’s community, it was no longer seen as a blueprint for the future of education. In fact, in recent years, the school’s unique design – with open spaces instead of classrooms – has meant that the teachers have had to work extra hard in order to deliver a high-quality education. This year, to mark the school’s 50th anniversary, we are launching plans to make Eynsham Primary a flagship once more.

We’re looking for COMMUNITY BUSINESS PARTNERS who can work with the school during this next stage of its journey. This is an opportunity for businesses to support their local primary school and to help shape the future of Eynsham.

Please come along to our meeting and find out more!!