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Cygnets Nursery

This week in Cygnets we have been focusing on the book ‘Handa’s Surprise’, learning new vocabulary as we go. We have explored many activities linked in with this book such as fruit printing, creating our own fruit baskets practising our scissor skills and also investigating the fruits included in the book such as pineapples, avocados, passion fruit and bananas. We used lots of describing words to explain how they looked, smelt and even tasted such as ‘prickly’, ‘spicy’ and ‘smooth’. 
During maths we have been looking at ABAB patterns using compare bears, the children were  very focused and proud when they could complete these patterns independently. 

We have been looking at the celebration Diwali, we looked at all different patterns we could make using coloured stones and gems and how they were called rangoli patterns and how they use fireworks to celebrate. 
During our outside provision we have explored jumping in muddy puddles with our welly boots on, this has been lots of fun! We have also been using our gross motor skills by helping to tidy up the leaves, the children used the small brooms to help. We swept the leaves into a big pile and then scooped them up using our hands to put in the bin. 

One of our focus books this term has been superworm, with this book we discussed worms habitats. In maths we measured worms using a variety of different objects. We made our own worm habitat to explore using soil and spaghetti worms, we practised our fine motor skills using tweezers to pick the spaghetti worms up. 
We have learnt new vocabulary about the worm moves such as slink, twist, wiggle and weave. 

Starting Cygnets 

So far this term in Cygnets we have welcomed new children to the class who are settling in well. We have enjoyed exploring our environment and getting to know the routine and expectations of the class. We have begun learning how to work together to achieve our goals. During the summer holidays we had a new role play home corner arrive so we have enjoyed exploring this and using our imaginative and creative skills to create a story.