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I am Althea Morgan, Hummingbirds new teacher and I come from a small, beautiful, tropical island in the Caribbean. I started at Eynsham Primary School this academic year. When I’m not educating or inspiring young minds; I enjoy reading, hiking, camping and exploring nature. I enjoy working with young people in scout and the Duke of Edinburgh Award programme.

Last week year 3 visited the Living Rainforest in Newbury. The children were fascinated by the plants and animals they’d been learning about in class and were able to make connections to their work. We all enjoyed the warmer temperature for the day, and we had a fantastic tour where we learned more about plant and animal adaptations as well as the layers of the rainforest.

This week in science, year 3 have been looking closely at skeletons. We looked at our own skeleton and its uses before looking more closely at other animals and the different types of skeletons across species. The children really enjoyed putting together a skeleton and labelling the parts before sorting animals into their skeletal groups.

During our English, we have been focusing on two different texts, these are: Stone Age Boy and The Iron Man. We have learnt new skills with our writing including fronted adverbials and paragraphing; we have also had a huge focus on the vocabulary we choose to use within our writing. We have brilliant Vocab Vaults in our classrooms; these really help us to select high level vocabulary. 

Today in Maths, we have been looking at finding our number bonds to ten to cross the hundred when adding! Here is two really good examples of our Maths work.

This term in Year 3, we have been learning all about the Stone Age, it's a really exciting topic where we have been learning many different things! We have learnt about the different periods within the Stone Age, this was difficult to understand at first, but when we created our mind maps this really helped! You can see a photo of this below. We also did some cave drawings; just like the people who lived in the Stone Age! We have also had our parents in this week and we taught them all about Stonehenge, pictures of our buildings will be available soon.

Becoming Archaeologists

As part of our first History lesson on 'The Stone Age' we set up an archaeological dig in the marsh! The children had to find an area indicated by a cone and carefully dig to find a Stone Age artefact hidden beneath the earth. When all the objects had been found, we began thinking about what they tell us about these cave people from thousands of years ago!