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Farmer Gows Trip 


Our foundation children visited Farmer Gows. This was such an amazing experience for them. The children got to  hold chickens and chicks, collect eggs and feed pigs, goats and lambs/sheep. After we ate our lunch in the barn all the children got to take part in a treasure hunt, play on the play park including ride on tractors and got to feed the animals in the field.

This gave the children hands-on experience of baby animals in connection to our work on life cycles. 


WOW! What a day we had in London. We started by coming into the train station to have our ticket stamped and take our seat on the train. The conductor then checked we were all aboard before starting our train journey to London. The snack trolley came through for us to enjoy on the train. 
When we had arrived we collected our luggage and walked through London. When we arrived we has a carousel of different activities including; crown making, landmark building, afternoon tea with Paddington, flag making and boat making. 
After our activities we had a picnic style lunch all together in the hall, before having a play in the ‘busy streets’ of London!
After a very busy start, we then started to relax and have some movement yoga before starting our very long journey back to school. What a fantastic day, had by all!

Big City

This term we have been exploring the big city of London. We have used a variety of different maps to find Eynsham, Oxford and London, we found many similarities and differences. Using a variety of different materials, we built different landmarks in London. We have explored our senses and written about what we could see and hear in London. Through the story of Paddington we have explored the character and even tried some of his favourite snack ‘marmalade sandwiches’ they were delicious!

World Book Day

We had a fantastic day celebrating world book day dressed as our favourite characters. Year 4 made a special visit to our class to read a story with us. We also attended assembly and showed off our fantastic costumes! 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears 
We have been looking at the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, we wanted to try the delicious porridge which Goldilocks stole. We made a list of the ingredients and then went through the instructions to make it. We all tasted the porridge and thought it was ‘just right!’

People Who Help Us 

This term we have been looking at People Who Help Us. We started looking at how police officers could help us and what their job is. We also had a very exciting visit from the fire brigade, they talked to us about the importance of fire alarms and what how they help people. We then tried their helmets on and sat in the fire truck. 

Stick Man

In foundation we have been looking at the story ‘Stick Man’. We have had made Stick Man out of a range of different materials. We have written a range of sentences about Stick Man. To end our unit we have also created our own Stick Men for our Stick Man family tree. We have really enjoyed this story!

Chinese Lion dancing 


This week we have been looking at the story “The magic paintbrush”. As part of this we have looked at some Chinese traditions. We have talked about how their new year is different to ours. Today the whole of reception have had a go at the Lion dance using material. We took it in turns to play music and to dance. This was a lovely time to all come together, thinking about how the music/dancing was making us feel. 

Stay and play 

Whilst looking at the story “The three Little Pigs”  we talked about how we could make the Wolf and the Pigs friends again. We held a friendship party and we invited our families. During the stay and play we made party hats, had biscuits and read a story. It was lovely to see all our children creating memories with their family members. 

Three Little Pigs 
This week we have been looking at the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We built our own houses from a range of different materials, we made sure that they were strong and that the pig was safe. We have been making our own story books, using our sounds to label our drawings. What a busy week!

Mental Health Week


This week we have taken part in some mindfulness activities as part of mental health awareness week. The children have done yoga both inside and outside. We have done mindfulness colouring and took part in an activity where we pictured ourselves as a pond and that our feelings were the fish in the pond. Whilst doing this we took some deep breaths and learnt why it was important to try and stay as the pond watching the fish and not to become the fish (letting the feeling take over).  All the children did this so well and we will keep trying to use this for big feelings along side our zones of regulation. 

Cogges Farm 
We had a lovely morning at Cogges Farm - so busy - the children listened and joined in the activities well. We made paper plant pots and planted wheat seeds; we then looked at wheat and barley ears, used a flail to separate the wheat from the chaf before we had a go at grinding some grains into flour. Then into the kitchen to weigh out the ingredients to make bread and everyone had a stir of the dough - it was quite sticky! We rolled out individual portions of the dough to make our own bread roll to take home, learning how to knead with the palm of our hand. We also had time to feed the goats, look at the chickens and go on an egg hunt as well as looking round the kitchen garden. We finished by watching a puppet show of the Little Red Hen story, then time for lunch in the barn!

Robins have been looking at the story 'Lost and Found' we have continued to work on our 'funky fingers' strengthening our fingers ready for writing. We have explored our school playground and explored the trim trail, we were very brave as it was quite tricky for some!
We have made boats out of a variety of different materials, as well as exploring objects which float and sink.


Welcome to Robins

The beginning of Foundation has been very busy. We have been looking at the story ‘The Colour Monster’ and thinking about our feelings and emotions. We have looked at our faces using mirrors and created faces out of many different resources. ‘Funky Fingers’ has started and we are working very hard to strengthen our hands ready for writing.