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21.9.23 - Art

Today, in Art, the children have been working together to collaboratively create a piece of artwork based on the sea. The children recapped their learning from last lesson on the different types of lines they learnt about, they were able to incorporate this in their joint artwork today. They have used different drawing materials to make their different lines and marks whilst listening to music, their lines reflect this. They finished off their artwork by adding creatures and colour to bring their creation to life.

20.9.21 - Adjectives

Today in English, we have learnt all about what adjectives are. We learnt that adjectives are describing words, they describe people, places and things. We looked carefully at a picture of ‘Mythico Wood’ to find different adjectives, this will help us to think of what adjectives to write about in our setting description.

20.9.23 - Maths

Today, we were comparing two sets of objects to see which had more or fewer. We used counters to represent a picture, then put them onto a tens frame to help visually see the difference and help us compare. We made sure we were using the language accurately.

14.9.23 - Mythico Wood

Today, in English, we learnt about the five senses. We then went on a nature walk around ‘Mythico Wood’, just like Mrs Noah did in our class story. Our task was to draw pictures or write words of all the different things we could see, hear, feel, smell and taste whilst in the wood!


Today we did our first Art Lesson of our new unit ‘Mark Your Mark’. Our first lesson was all about different lines that we could create. We firstly spoke about Bridget Riley, an artist who uses lines to create her Artwork. We then talked about the different lines we could create; vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and wavy. We used this learning to make lines with string and then used chalk to draw them onto black card. 

Week 1 - Enhancements

Penguin class have had a brilliant first week back at school. They have all settled in really well and I can't wait to continue teaching them this year :) We started our week with getting to know you activities and some rules and routines. We have also provided enhancement activities in the afternoons to encourage learning using hands-on equipment and resources.