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School Values



A community primary school of excellent standards where community plays a pivotal role in our curriculum, our teaching approaches and the partners we work with to enrich school life.  Eynsham Community Primary School works as part of the Eynsham Partnership Academy (EPA) and is committed to its vision of Aspiration, Collaboration and Excellence working with schools across the partnership.



‘Everybody learning every day’ is the foundation that underpins the educational philosophy in our community school. The word ‘every’ is so important as it tells us that ‘every’ child regardless background should be given ‘every’ opportunity, experience and support to achieve excellence in everything they study. ‘Everyone’s’ character will be personally developed and ‘every’ difference will be celebrated so ‘every’ child embraces diversity and has deep rooted tolerance of ‘everybody’ in our community. We aspire, support and care for our pupils so deeply that we commit to this ‘every’ mantra not only over a child’s 7 years in our school but for each and ‘every’ day they attend. In this school we commit to provide excellence for the collective ‘everybody’ and we achieve this through our relentless work to deliver excellence for ‘everyone’ as individuals.



Our values are the cornerstones of life at Eynsham. They are the characteristics we develop in ‘everybody’ and the expectations we have of ‘everybody’. Our values will be heard ‘every’ day and we will develop our skills in each value ‘every’ day. These reflect the overall EPA values.



Ready means ‘everybody’ being prepared ‘every’ day to: rise to the challenge of learning and having the resilience to succeed in everything we do.



Respectful means ‘everybody’ accepting our differences and learning from the opportunities that celebrating diversity offers us. Also, being considerate of ‘everybody’s’ right to learn in a school free of disruption.



Responsible means ‘everybody’ taking charge of their learning and having the resilience required to strive for excellence. It means ‘everybody’ owning their own behaviour, making good decisions and being held to account for their actions.