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Year 6

Year 6 Medium Term Plan for Autumn '21

Mr Jackson explains what we will be studying this Autumn term.

Autumn Term 2021

We are studying an exciting topic called 'A Greek Odyssey', which focuses on the amazing Ancient Greeks and their civilisation. Within the topic, we will be learning about their myths and legends, the birth of democracy, the important leaders and their empire, influential philosophers...and much more. See below for our Medium Term plan and a letter with information about our Autumn term. 

Welcome to Year Six!


Meet the Team

Mr Ian Jackson – Year 6 Eagles Class Teacher (Mon-Weds)

Miss Louise Paterson– Year 6 Eagles Class Teacher (Thurs-Fri)

Mr Nick Wyatt – Year 6 Kestrel Class Teacher

Mrs Deborah Goodall – Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sue Thompson - Year 6  Teaching Assistant 

Mr Connor Walton - Year 6 Teaching Assistant 

Year 6 spellings for the year.