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Year 6

Year 6 Maypole dancing

To celebrate May Day, year 6 have been learning some traditional dances around the Maypole.
Eagles class perform 'The Plait' and Kestrels class perform 'The Spider's Web'.
Enjoy the performances.

Summer Term MTP Y6

Mr Jackson tells you about the Shakespeare's World topic for the summer term in year 6.

Spring Term - Swept Away

This term, we are working on an exciting topic called 'Swept Away'. This topic is based around Michael Morpurgo's excellent book 'Kensuke's Kingdom', and we will be learning lots of geography skills and knowledge. Here is the medium term plans to explain what we will be learning in each subject, and an accompanying video where I will talk you through the plan.


MTP Spring 21 video

Mr Jackson talks you through the medium term pan for Spring 2021 for year 6.

Autumn Term  

We have been learning about the Ancient Greeks and the lasting impact their civilisation has on our world today.

Our topic started with a visit from Lauren, an archeologist who specialises in the Ancient Greeks, and she helped us to learn about the key city states of Athens and Sparta, the warriors of each state, the Olympic games and some of the strategy games which were played around 2000 years ago.


In English, we have been learning about the myths and legends from Ancient Greece, studying Anthony Horowitz's version of the texts. We have learnt about Perseus' battle against the gruesome Medusa, and Theseus' triumph against the terrifying Minotaur. 


In Art, we have studied the ceramics and vessels of Ancient Greece, and compared them to the works of contemporary British artist Grayson Perry.

Our amazing work!

Welcome to Year Six!




Meet the Team

Mr Ian Jackson – Year 6 Eagles Class Teacher 

Mr Harry Catling – Year 6 Eagles Class Teacher 

Mr Nick Wyatt – Year 6 Kestrel Class Teacher

Mrs Deborah Goodall – Year 6 Eagles Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sue Thompson - Year 6 Kestrels Teaching Assistant 

Mr Natasha Howell - Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Mr Connor Walton - Year 6 Teaching Assistant 

Year 6 spellings for the year.