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Throughout their time at primary school, our pupils will quickly build their scientific knowledge and skills, through a series of 28 teaching units, ranging from 'Everyday Materials' in Year 1 to 'Evolution and Inheritance' in Year 6. An overview of each unit, called a KCV (Knowledge, Concepts and Vocabulary) Organiser, is glued into every child's book at the beginning of each block of science (usually termly). This overview includes information on prior learning (related to the topic), vocabulary for pupils to refer to (including definitions to accompany some of the more advanced terminology), assessment questions, and ideas for potential trips, visitors and investigations. The final thing that parents, children and staff will note on the KCV Organisers is a list of learning objectives, some relating to knowledge, some relating to skills. These objectives form a clear overview of the teaching for the unit, with teachers assessing the attainment of each objective by marking them with one (working towards expectation), two (working at age related expectation) or three (working at greater depth for the given objective) ticks in the children's books. Our school is currently well on the way to achieving the Primary Science Quality Mark, as teachers try to ensure that lessons are engaging, pupils are inspired, the work is challenging, and that every opportunity is being provided to ensure that our children want to become the scientists and engineers of the future. 


If you have a career linked to science and engineering you may be able to support and inspire learning at our school. Please contact Mr Wyatt (by emailing the office) to discuss how your skills and contacts might benefit our pupils.