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School Council 2021-22

We are delighted to say that after a year of meeting virtually, our school council will return, in person for the academic year 2021-22. Elections for school council places will take place in the first few weeks back in September, and then we will begin our meetings. In September, the School Council will be run by Mrs Howell and Miss Warrington. 


The school council plays such a large part in the school community at Eynsham, and has had an impact in changing things at our school, for example:

The introduction of a new Anti-Bullying Policy,

The change of uniform 

Working alongside the parish council in an allotment project in the community. 

This year, the school council are being led by Mrs Howell and Miss Warrington and alongside the children, they have started a really exciting project for the school. The Parish Council have been working alongside Mrs Bayliss and Mr Reeves and have kindly agreed to work together on an allotment project.


 Milly Chen has been instrumental in the organization of this project and has come along to numerous school council meetings to plan out the garden with the support of the children in school. Milly has come into school and spoken with the children, asking them questions to ask their peers in class and report back to her.

Last week a plea went out for support for planting of the tree, and a huge thank you to all the families and children who came out last weekend to support in the planting of the fruit trees. Our school is a community school and it was so great to see a large number of people supporting the project and supporting bringing the childrens ideas into a reality with the planting of the trees.


The end goal for this project is that the children are able to see the fruits being grown, and bring them back to school and begin an enterprise with their fruit tree they have agreed to plant.

Over the next few weeks there will be school council meetings which will work to further develop this area and continue to get the children involved in their local community.

Photos of planting at Old Witney Road allotments