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25.1.24 - Junior Citizen Trip. Today year 6 thoroughly enjoyed visiting Rewley Road Fire Station to take part in the educational safety workshops. During our visit the children took part in hands on/live/immersive safety scenarios for the following areas: railway, hazards in the home, fire, road, water, internet, stranger danger and life saving (including the recovery position. Every child made a practice 999 call and faced real life emergencies to learn how to help themselves and others in distress.

Year 6 have been very busy writing Christmas stories for a specific audience, the fabulous year 2 Toucans! We based them on Santa's coming to the Cotswolds and then adapted them or made up our own. We loved sharing them with our reading buddies on the last day of term!

20.11.23 - This week in maths we have been focusing on fractions. We have simplified equivalent fractions, compared and ordered fractions (changing both the numerators and denominators) and started to add and subtract fractions, both mixed numbers and improper. We have been working really hard with some very pleasing results! Check out our work below, including developed problem solving and reasoning:

November 13th - Anti Bullying Week - This week we have taken part in Odd Socks Day, enjoyed the BBC online live lesson and complete some exciting activities in class. Take a look at our football boots we designed against racism and anit-bullying, inspired by our writing of Marcus Rashford biographies.

Mental Health Day - 10.10 - Today Eagles have enjoyed taking part in designing and creating their own mindfulness colouring sheets while enjoying some calming music and breathing techniques. We cant wait to swap with our friends and continue to colour them in! We also enjoyed taking part in some relaxing Tai-Chi during our Mandarin lesson.

5.10.2023 - Today Eagles have enjoyed a two hour engineering workshop, provided by Science Oxford. Our mission was to become electrical engineers and design, make and test a suitable cleaning device to suck up the mess after an awesome class party. We began the session investigating the components of a hairdryer to help us think about what our devices needed. We then all made our own circuits with motors and even created our own switch board using card, a crocodile clip and a split pin. We then developed our fan and propeller design (after exploring examples) and made blades using card. Once we had made our fans, we then investigated changing the direction of the motor, to be more effective at sucking things up. For this we used a paper cup to create a suction cup. We really enjoyed making our own ‘hoovers’ and had so much fun exploring.

On Wednesday, the year 6 children took part in a very exciting and immersive Greek Day, led by the fabulous Lauren from Portals to the Past. The children began the day learning about the rivalries between City States and the gruesome and bloody battles against the Persians. Following this, the children completed a fun, quiz competition discovering their own facts all about Ancient Greece. After break, the children enjoyed trying to solve ‘Archemedes’ Stomachion’, which is the oldest known mathematical puzzle. In pairs, the children also enjoyed playing the Greek strategy game, Petteia – make sure you ask your children who won. Following lunch, we explored Greek warrior artefacts and commenced battle. Everyone took part in a mini Olympic games, to conclude our fun filled and memorable day!

This week Year 6 have been working extremely hard to plan, draft, write and edit their own versions of the Greek myth, Theseus and the Minotaur. We have been so proud of the excellent effort and high standards the year 6's have demonstrated so early on in the term. The children were trying to include: direct and indirect speech, a range of fronted adverbials, synonyms for said, figurative language and apostrophes for possession.

Welcome to Eagles class page, here we will send fortnightly updates about all the amazing things happening in year 6, so please make sure you pop back each week! To kick off, here are some pictures of our reading area and Greek display. The children have been wonderful at ensuring they are reading at home and really enjoying choosing books from our reading corner. Please encourage your children to read at home as much as possible and record in their reading record.