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Sports day. 

Today we took part in sports day with the reception classes, we had great fun. The children were amazing cheering and encouraging each other. We took part in an obstacle race, egg and spoon race, bean bag throwing and a space hopper race!

Running, jumping, throwing and bouncing our way to the finish line. 

Percy the park keeper 03.06.24

. This week we have been looking at the Percy the park keeper stories, we have been busy doing lots of activities linked with the book. Making clay hedgehogs was a real favourite, the clay felt hard and cold when we first started but as we began to roll, squish and pinch, the clay began to get softer and warmer. We were then able to shape the clay into hedgehog shape, next we added small wooden sticks to use as spines. Our roll play has turned in to a woodland vets to help treat the animals that Percy has in his stories rabbits, fox, owl, hedgehog, mice and squirrel. 
In art we have been doing printing with things we would find in parks and gardens, twigs, leaves,pine cones. We also labelled and drew our own pictures of woodland animals. 
We have enjoyed exploring athe garden after the half term break and we have spent a lot of time outdoors. We have been leaf printing with paints, making playdough animals, building dens and playing with water. 

Jim and the beanstalk 17.05.24


Another busy week looking at Jim and the beanstalk story. We planted our beans in the garden in the hope that they grow so we can make a bean teepee to sit in a read. In maths we have explored different ways of measuring  our pictures of beanstalks such as using rulers, cubes, hands and tape measures some of us even tried to measure each other using cubes. 
Mrs Neath took us to play the bean game out side. We had to run around and when Mrs Neath shouted the name of the bean we had to stop and do the action…..
Runner bean-run on the spot
Jumping bean- jump,on the spot 
String bean- arms stretched up,above you head being tall
Jelly bean- making your body wobble
Broad bean- arms and legs stretched out wide. 
We have read and watched different version of the story and spoke about how they are all different, Jim and the beanstalk,  Jack and the beanstalk the princess and the giant. Our favourite was Musical story land with the Philharmonic Orchestra telling the story of Jack and the beanstalk, we learnt about new instruments and their sounds a picalo, harp and our favourite the double base. The chorus was so catchy we all joined in. I have added the link for it below.

A visit from the farm 30.04.24


Our farm visits this week was soo exciting! The children really enjoyed getting hands on with all the animals. Farmer Danielle and Farmer Angie talked to us about how to behave around the animals as not to make them feel scared. We listened well and followed the instruction. We were allowed to hold the chicks and the mice as well as brush the pony Missey, Freddie the calf was a bit more picky about who he wanted to pet him. Some of use fed the ducks, they tickled our hands as the gobbled up their grain. 
The goats thought using Farmer Danielle as a climbing frame was funny, we did too!!

Thank you www.farms2ewe


Ducklings Newsletter

Enjoying the outside. 

The weather has been lovely and we have spent lots of time enjoying the garden, especially the sunshine! This week we have been making wind chimes, using spring treasures, planting flowers using play dough and painting on the ground with chalk paints. We have all made use of the water tray and the mud kitchen and have made ‘pies’, ‘cakes’ and made versions of ‘lunch’.
We have played ball games at the Astro turf this week and have made some daisy chains on the grass.


Room on the broom 26.02.23


This week in Ducklings we have had lots of magical fun reading our book. We have been making potions and spells made up of rosemary, sage, lavender, green gloop, teabags, and glitter! The children made potions that turned people into unicorns, frogs, and the power to be invisible. We also used our fine motor skills to plait wool like the witch’s long ginger plait. Some children turned them into bracelets and others added them to their hair. We have also been painting with some spaghetti broom sticks making marks that look like the witch has zoomed through the sky


No dragons for tea 26.01.24


This was our last week at looking at this book, No dragons for tea. We have really enjoyed this book and doing lots of activities connected to it. Some of us used our hands to make the colour orange for flames by painting one hand red and the other yellow and then rubbing them together. 
A ladder made of numbers where we had to put the corresponding amount of pegs on the rung. We searched for numbers in flames matching them to the right numicon piece, used shapes to create fire engines. We strengthened our fine motor skills by cutting sticking and dressing the fire fighters in the uniform, using squirty bottles of water to put paint flames out helped to strengthen our muscles for holding a pencil for writing. 
Lots of new language was learnt from this book, burning, wailing sirens, sparked, burst, we have enjoyed find out what they mean and using them in our play. 

Ducklings news letter

A visit from the Fire service 15.01.24


We have had an exciting visit from the Fire service this week,the firefighters spoke to us about what to do if the smoke alarm goes off in our homes after making sure with a grown up that it’s not burnt toast, we are to get out stay out and ring 999. Fire fighter Want showed us the different uniforms they wear in fire or car accidents, we learnt the word florescent which is the bright yellow jacket they wear to be seen.  Fire fighter Jennings showed us some of the different equipment the have on the engine and what it is used for, hoses,cutters, ladders and chocks that look like big Lego blocks, they hold up cars in a accident. We even got to turn on the sirens and the flashing blue lights. 

A visit from Father Christmas. 20.12.23


We were so lucky this morning. We had a special visitor come to school……FATHER CHRISTMAS.
Father Christmas told the children that he had heard that they had all been good at school and worked so hard he gave them a special gift. 
The children behaved brilliantly waiting in line for their turn to see him. 
The ducklings wish you all a very happy Christmas 

The three Billy Goat gruff 01.12.23

Our book we have been looking at this week is The three billy goats gruff. We have enjoyed doing lots of different activities linked to the book. We created a troll for our display as well as the billy goats. Lots of us enjoyed designing our own troll, we read different versions of the story and notice the the billy goats stayed the same but the trolls all looked different. Some of us made bridges for the billy goats to cross using small blocks and shaving foam to hold the bricks together., just like builders do with cement. We made masks and used puppets to act out the billy goats gruff story, we all wanted to be the troll and say who’s that trip trapping over my bridge. 
We practiced writing some of the initial letters and names of the characters in the story when we made our own story books.

Weekly newsletter 20.11.23

Binny’s Diwali 17.11.23

This week we have been looking at the book Binny’s Diwali, a story about Binny a little girl who shares with her class what Diwali is and how they celebrate.
We learnt how it is the festival of light and they light a lamps called a Diyas to guide good luck into their homes and chase away the darkness. Out of clay we shaped the diya’s using our fingers to pinch, squash and mould them. We then decorated them with beautiful colourful gems 
For our rangoli patterns we grated chalks to make a coloured powder and then used that to create our rangoli pattern, some children used bright coloured stones to create their own rangoli patterns. On Friday we looked at mehndi hand patterns and designed our own on hand templates, we then made mehndi patterns on our own hands. We think they look pretty good. 
We have really enjoyed learning about a different celebration


This week we have been busy looking and talking about bonfire night. We have enjoyed making firework pictures. Some of us used forks and glitter to make some beautiful pictures others have been busy making our fireworks fizz, whizz and pop out of our paper! after Miss Denney demonstrated how  to fold strips of paper back and forth, the children had a go at this by themselves to make them zig zags and curls so that they can create a pop effect.
We have spoken a lot about what they saw when watching fireworks and have come up with some great language to describe them, Explode, boom, bang, whizz, pop, shoot, twinkle, rocket, bright, loud. 

Funnybones 13.10.23


This week our book was Funnybones. We enjoyed listening to the different stories and joining in “ On a dark dark night, on a dark dark street…….. 
Mrs Kirby who used to be a orthopaedic nurse came and helped us learn the name of different bones in our bodies, some of them were tricky to say and others made us laugh.Lots of different vocabulary was learnt, spine, skull, organs, phalanges and humerus. The funny bones song helped us to know what all the different bones were connected to.
We made our own Funnybones story using the sick puppets on a dark dark street. Mrs Seeney hid some skeletons in jelly, it was great fun exploring the texture and talking about how it felt. We then went on to lookat the letter”f” and the letter “s” and had a go a writing them. 
For part of our class display we made a large skeleton using different tubes. We painted them white to look like bones.  

Harry and the dinosaurs


This week we have been reading Harry and the dinosaurs go to school. We spoke about  how it made us feel starting School and the different emotions we felt,(happy,sad,scared,worried). We sorted out dinosaurs into different colours, drew our own bucket of dinosaurs with our favourite things inside. Some frozen dinosaur eggs arrived in class and we had to find a way to help the baby dinosaurs hatch. Bubble wrap was used to print on big paper and create some dinosaurs for our display.