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Year 3

Year Three is organised into two classes: Hummingbirds and Nightingales


Meet the Team


Miss Sarah Rayfield – Year 3 Hummingbird Class Teacher 

Mr Harry Catling – Year 3 Nightingales Class Teacher

Mrs Leigh-Ann Hunnisett – Year 3 Teaching Assistant


Geography - The Amazing Amazon

This term our topic is 'The Amazing Amazon'. In Geography, we will learn all things rainforest. To start, however, we have learnt some vital geographical skills involving atlases. We have found out how atlas can be useful, how to locate places within them using an index and we compared different types of maps to see what we can learn from each one. 


Within this, we found out that rainforests are mainly found along the equator, between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer. This helps show why the rainforests are called tropical rainforests. Not only that, we learnt different continents, countries and areas in which the rainforests are found. 


Finally, we learnt in science about what plants need to grow. This has helped us in Geography because we now know it is the warm wet weather along the equator that makes all the different plants of the rainforest grow so well there and gives them the name rainforest. 


Did you know?

The Amazon Rainforest alone contains 10% of all animal species on earth. On top of this, half of all animal and plant species on earth come from the rainforests. 

This week in Year 3 we have started some new units of work. In Maths we're focusing on multiplication, we have looked at dividing by 4, multiplying by 4 and fact families. In our pictures you can see that we did this using balls and hoops, multi-link and string and even learnt about the inverse! 

In English we started our new class 'The Great Paper Caper'!, we found out about this by making our very own paper airplanes. We had to make a prediction about how these will relate to our new text.

Finally, in Art we we had a look around the 'Hummingbird Art Gallery' and analysed some work of Frida Kahlo.


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Please see our video of us explaining the Medium Term Plan. Any questions, please do come and speak with us.

Mindfulness workshop

Today, Year 3 took part in a mindfulness workshop as part of anti bullying week. We learnt different ways to help us calm down and be mindful. This included the heartbeat trick and the self hug. As part of this, we now understand why it is important to be mindful - not just of ourselves but others. We look forward to practicing these techniques ourselves and teaching them to others. Finally, we all became mindful superheroes and took part in some super fun activities with our new super powers. 

Odd socks day.

This Monday we kicked off anti bullying week with an odd socks day. The children payed a donation in order to wear odd socks for the day. This is an opportunity for the children to express themselves and celebrate their individuality. We were able to think about what makes each of us unique and why that is always a good thing. Most importantly though - odd socks day is a chance to have some fun. 


In Science this term we have been learning all about rocks. We found out that there are three different types of natural rocks: Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic. We used chocolate to help us learn about how the rocks were formed, what they look like and their properties. Igneous rock has lots of holes in it where it used to be bubbling lava before it cooled down - just like the honey comb inside the crunchie bar. Sedimentary rock is layered like a mars bar. Finally, we squished our mars bar to show how metamorphic rocks are created by heat and pressure under the surface of the earth. 

Of course, we all got to eat our chocolate too. YUM!




In Year 3 this week, we have had our Roman Day! We spent the morning designing and making our very own Roman shields, cat-walking and dressing Mr Catling in real life amour! This afternoon, we enjoyed learning about different formations and had a battle Nightingales vs Hummingbirds! For the remainder of the day we had a Roman banquette. 

The children had a fantastic day. We'd like to thank all the parents at home for your contributions to our banquette and for the amazing outfits!

POMPEII BLOWN AWAY! Please see a selection of these super newspaper articles written by our wonderful Nightingales and Hummingbirds.