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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


Our Key Stage 2 classes work closely together, coordinated by the Upper School Phase Leader (Miss Hayley Davis). Year Five are organised into two classes: Hawks Class and Red Kites Class


Meet the Team


Miss Hannah Cook – Year 5 Hawks Class Teacher 

Miss Sarah Rayfield– Year 5 Red Kites Class Teacher

Mrs Leigh-Ann Hunnisett - Year 5 Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Nicole Jeffrey - Year 5  Teaching Assistant

Group 2-Mrs Hunnisett's group

Friday Update!

It’s our final day and what a morning it has been! We started our morning with birthday celebrations  and some cereal and muffins. Then, it was time for activities! Group 1 has experienced the Leap of Faith and Crate Staking. Group 2 have whizzed round on the Go Karts and worked on their cooking and slicing skills during the Backwards Cooking! In Group 3, we have been whooshed into the air on the 3G Swing and then zoomed round on the Go Karts to finish our morning. Group 4, have had a jam packed morning with team activities, including: Crate Staking and 3G Swing. Group 5 have climbed to great heights on the climbing wall and then straight onto the Leap of Faith!

Thursday Youlbury Update!

Today has been absolutely jam packed here at Youlbury. We were all woken up at 7 o'clock, rooms inspected and breakfast for 8..we enjoyed a chocolate croissant and cereal. We then wrapped up warm ready for a rainy, yet enjoyable morning ahead. Group 1 enjoyed Incline Climbing and Go Karts, Group 2 took part in Archery and Crate staking, Group 3 went straight to the campfire for some Backwards Cooking and then some Archery, Group 4 were challenged with an early morning 'Leap of Faith' and Backwards Cooking and Group 5 started with a quiet session of team building, ready for a 3G Swing after! 

We came back together as a group at around 12.30 for a warm up and some tasty lunch. As we were eating, the sun finally came out!

Our sunny afternoon started brilliantly for Group 1 who went straight to the 3G swing and then did some cooking on the camp fire. Group 2 jumped from the heights of the Leap of Faith and straight onto the 3G swing..what a whirlwind afternoon they had! Group 3, started by stacking their crates and then showed Miss Rayfield their spider man tricks on the 'Leap of Faith'. Group 4 enjoyed their climbing wall experience and then went up to the Archery range. Mr Reeves joined his group after lunch today taking over from Mrs Bayliss, they enjoyed cooking their pizza on the camp fire and then finished their afternoon with Crate Staking. 

Tonight, we have enjoyed sausages and mash for dinner and a then had brilliant evening round the camp fire singing lots of songs. 

We know the children are going to sleep so well tonight after their fun filled day.

Pictures to follow tomorrow morning.

Wednesday Update!

Yesterday was a great day for Year 5, we had our first day at Youlbury! We started our day with a packed lunch and a play in the glorious woodland area of our new home for two nights. Each group had two activities to complete, which included archery, climbing, team building and go carts, before seeing the exciting part…the dorms! Everyone was very excited to say the least! We had a delicious chili for dinner and chocolate cake for dessert, then we went on the ultimate night hike! We walked to a gigantic field and enjoyed playing games in the dark with our torches. After this, we headed back to the lodges; after a bit of excitement and lots of giggles later, we all had a great night sleep and are ready for the day ahead! Please see updates of each groups photographs below.

Group 2-Mrs Hunnisett's group

Group 1-Miss Cook's group

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