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Big Science Event Kestrels

503.2024 - Bookie Brekkie - Staff warmly welcomed children from Nursery-Year 6 to come to school early today to enjoy story time in their classes, whilst having a light continental breakfast snack and juice drink. With over 200 children attending, the school had such a fantastic atmosphere and came alive with morning chatter and then the joy of listening to stories was spread throughout each class. Huge thanks for supporting this event which proved even more popular than last year. Due to such generous donations, we also have around £180 to spend on books, which is a wonderful achievement.

Mandarin Lesson

Term 2 Science - Light - Making Periscopes

During Term 4, We Made Waistcoats In DT

Science Oxford Workshop 4.10.23 - Making Vacuum Cleaners

Electricity In Year 6