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W.C 25.9.23

In English this, the children have been learning all about editing. This is the first editing lesson children have ever done, therefore we learnt what it meant to edit and why we do it and spoke about why it’s ok to make mistakes and not be perfect first time. We spent time working on big pieces of paper, looking at sentences that had mistakes and spotting them. There were some sentences with missing capitals and full stops and some with adjectives to improve or missing adjectives all together.

W.C 25.9.23
Today in English, the children worked together to identify different features in a setting description. We found capital letters, full stops, nouns, adjectives and the five senses; all things that we have been learning about during this unit in English. It is important for Year 1 children to be able to remember the model text to support them when writing their own setting description, therefore, during the lesson, we also rehearsed the model text lots of times.

W.C 11.9.23

Today in Maths, the children have been learning all about ordering numbers from 1-10, how they're a sequence and what happens if we take numbers out of the sequence. We explored this using multilink and relating our learning to Numberblocks. 

W.C 11.9.23

This is Penny the Puffin, she is our class friend. Penny will be visiting different homes every week in Puffin class, she looks forward to spending her time with you. 

W.C 5.9.23

Today in Year 1 we did our first Art Lesson of our new unit ‘Mark Your Mark’. Our first lesson was all about different lines that we could create. We firstly spoke about Bridget Riley, an artist who uses lines to create her Artwork. We then talked about the different lines we could create; vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and wavy. We used this learning to make lines with string and then used chalk to draw them onto black card.