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wb 18th Sep '23

Investigating air resistance with parachutes

In science, we have been exploring forces and how they affect different objects. This week we discussed how air resistance and gravity interact and work against one another. We conducted an experiment where we timed ourselves running without a parachute and then with a parachute to investigate what effect it had on our running speed. We discussed how air resistance created by the parachute slows us down and why this is useful and effective for skydivers.

w/b 4th Sep'23

Our First Week in Y5

We had a great first week in Year 5 getting introduced to our new topic for the term of World War Two. In History, we explored some artefacts from the war including helmets, gas masks and ration cards. Miss Cook and Mrs Duan were really impressed with our analysis skills and teamwork as we investigated the items and worked to deduce what the purpose of each item could have been. We did really well and only really got stumped by the air raid rattle. In English, we started our new book Once by Morris Gleitzman and had a great time completing some drama as we got to know chapter 1 of the book and learn more about the main character Felix. Part of our work this week was to story map the key parts of the chapter and our teachers were wowed by some of the work produced.

WW2 Artefacts