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Welcome to our Art page! 

We are incredibly excited to begin sharing with you some of the amazing Art and DT projects and lessons we are taking part in at Eynsham!

Check back regularly to see what's been happening!

Miss Standard and Miss Rayfield 


Art Ambassadors

As part of our Artsmark journey, we decided what better way to gain an insight from our pupils about their experience in the creative arts, than to have Art Ambassadors, that will lead the pupil voice! So, meet the team and the reason behind why it was important to them to become an Art Ambassador.

Bleu Year 1

"I like Art because I can make birds, which are my favourite"

Leo Year 1

"Art is fun"

Brandon Year 2

"Art is whatever you want it to be"

Cici Year 3

Cici is also part of our Art Ambassador team, she was sadly unwell when this recent meeting happened.

Ada Year 4

"I love all art, it is so pretty to look at. Drawing is my favourite, Art is my favourite subject.

Julia Year 4

"Drawing is my favourite. I love art because it lets you be free"

Amelia Year 5

"Sketching is the best. I love art because nothing can stop you!"

Ben Year 5

"I love art because it give infinite possibilities"

Elizabeth Year 6

"I love all sorts of Art, including drawing and painting. It can really help you to build confidence."

Ava Year 6

"I love building and craft. My favourite thing about Art, is that art has no beginning or end; its like a circle"



Charlie Mackesy

As part of our Artsmark journey, we have been discussing the artwork of Charlie Mackesy and have looked specifically his book 'The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse'.

During PSHE, we talked about the importance of believing in ourselves and how we should speak to ourselves with kindness and positivity. 

Following on from this, the children designed their own quote and piece of artwork in the style of Charlie Mackesy which will be exhibited on Friday 3rd February! 



An Art Inspired Assembly

Today, Mr Reeves held a whole school assembly all about the life and art of the incredible Vincent Van Gogh!



Pop-Up Books

Last half term, as part of their DT unit, Year 4 were challenged to create a pop-up story book telling the true tale of the 3 Little Pigs. They thought about how they could create different styles of fonts as well learning how to make different pop-up mechanisms they could include in their pages. We are blown away by the pages they have created and they are now taking pride of place on our Art display board! 
Well done Year 4!



Exploring Kandinsky

"The sound of colour is so definite..." -Wassily Kandinsky

Our amazing Year 5s took inspiration from one of Kandinsky's artistic practices of listening to a piece of music and creating a piece of art based on what they hear. As you can see below, the artwork produced shows a variety of interpretations. 
Great work Year 5!


Diabetes Art Day

Our wonderful School Council organised an event for children to take part in if they wish. They had to create a piece of art work which expressed themselves and had the theme of Diabetes, which is represented by the colour blue. Please see below some of the wonderful creations.