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Grandma Bird 

In class this week we have started our new book, Grandma Bird by Benji Davies. Our focus for our first piece of writing is description so we began by drawing the front cover from only how it was described to us.  Following this, the front cover was revealed to and then we used this and the blurb to predict what the story might be about. We had a wonderful class discussion about the information we had gained before we wrote our predictions.  Look at our pictures below.

3D Shapes

In year 2, we continued our work on shape this week and explored edges and vertices of 3D shapes. We used cocktail sticks and marshmallows to build the shapes before counting the edges and vertices. 

Maths - Shape

In Maths, year 2 have been looking at shape over the past few lessons. Children started by sorting and naming 2-D and 3-D shapes. After this they explored how many sides and vertices shapes had used these to help name some irregular shapes. We then used this knowledge to draw our own 2-D shapes and explain why Miss Freeman had made a mistake when drawing a shape. Finally we explored what symmetry was. We looked at what shapes had vertical lines of symmetry and used this knowledge to complete shapes.

Mixed Media - Life in Colour 

We have started our new art topic by exploring colour mixing. We began by mixing the primary colours to create secondary colours. Then we looked at creating new colours by mixing secondary colours. We had lots of fun and enjoyed exploring how colours mix. Take a look at what we made. 

The Rainbow Bear

When year 2 came into school today there were some clues to our new class text. Children were very excited to explore the footprints and clues that were inside of the box. They discussed what they had found and thought about how this could help them to predict what our new text was. Children then wrote what they thought the book was going to be about in our English books.

Today we met with our reading buddies, Year 6 Eagles, and enjoyed hearing the Christmas stories they had written to us. We loved being the main characters in the stories we heard, and seeing Mr William's on the naughty list! We also had time to read back to our year 6 buddies.

Katie in London 

This half term we have been reading the story Katie in London by James Mayhew. After our trip to the Tower of London, we used the experience to help us write a new part of the story. Our SPaG focus has been using adventurous language in our expanded noun phrases, using prepositions to join these and our challenge was to include exclamation sentences. Have a browse through our wonderful stories below. 

Design Technology - Structures 

In DT this term we will be working towards designing and building a chair for Goldilocks. We have began to explore different structures by looking at what makes a structure stable. To do this, we conducted an experiment to see what 3D shapes were most stable when lifted onto an inclined surface.  After, the children discussed what made each shape stable. 


This week, we have finished our Art topic 'Map it out' by using our maps as a stimulus to create bold block prints. The children had great fun drawing their designs, transferring these onto their tiles before covering their prints with paint.  The looks of excitement and amazement from each child when their prints were uncovered was amazing and the support they gave to each other was very pleasing to watch. I hope you enjoy looking at their final pieces.  

Felt making 

In art this term we are looking at maps and how we can use these as a stimulus for our artwork. Today, we used parts of our maps that we had drawn last week to help us create felt. The children absolutely loved it and I think you will agree, the final pieces look brilliant. 

Tudor houses

Last week, Toucan's built Tudor houses out of similar materials to what they would have been built of in 1666. These were then used to explore why the Great Fire of London spread so quickly from the bakery on Pudding Lane.