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W/C 4/9/23 Our Discovery!

Miss Standard came into our classroom and informed us of some unusual happenings that had taken place close to school.  It was reported that strange noises could be heard coming from the Marsh.  Scratching sounds were identified by residents as well as an unusual heat in the air. Miss Standard asked us to carry out a secret investigation and report our findings to her.


Silently, Year 4 made their way across the wet field towards the Marsh.  A rhythmic banging sound could be heard in the distance.  We cautiously crept into the Marsh and made a circle around the campfire area.  After listening to some instructions, we carefully and thoroughly investigated the area and made notes about what we discovered.


After studying the evidence, we concluded that a female dragon may have landed in the Marsh.  We think this because we found two large eggs that we believe to be dragon eggs (one egg was covered in scales).  Other evidence also supports this idea including scratches on the ground, scorched land and wood (which could have been burnt by a dragon) and logs that had been knocked down and moved (which could only have been done by a powerful creature).  We also know that as this unusual event happened at night, the animal must be nocturnal (which dragons are).