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Here you will find updates about what your amazing, hardworking children have been getting up to during their lessons!

Please be sure to visit regularly and celebrate our learning with us. 


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Mixed Martial Arts


Today we were lucky enough to be visited by an 8 times black belt in Martial Arts!
He talked to the children about the 3 main principles of mastering this skill and the children took part in some punching and kicking exercises. They had lots of fun and relished the opportunity to let off some energy whilst remembering to be respectful and responsible. 

At the end of the workshop we were treated to a performance by one of our own classmates!

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

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Here is a video of our very own Cian performing some amazing Mixed Martial Arts!

Anti-Bullying Week


As part of anti-bullying week we took part in a Virtual Reality workshop. The children were shown a scenario through their VR headsets and asked questions about what they thought. 
They all did an amazing job of recognising everyone's role within the incident and were able to discuss what the people should have done to ensure that everyone felt safe from bullying. 

I was very proud with the thoughtful responses given and commend the children on their compassion and understanding. 

Virtual Reality Headsets


I am sure you have heard all about the amazing time we had at Hill End last week. The children were fantastic role models for the school and I was incredibly proud of the respect, responsibility and resilience that they showed to everyone involved in the trip. 

Below are some pictures and videos of the fun we had!

Hill End

Battle Practice

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The Vikings got in some fierce battle practice against each other!

Battle Practice

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The Anglo Saxons also got to show off their power during their battle practice!


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Today we had an amazing African dance workshop!

Have a look at the video below to see a snippet of our final dance. 

Woodpecker's African Dance

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As part of Black History month we got to experience an African dance workshop.

In English this week we have been mapping out a chapter of How to Train your Dragon using pictures and key words. The children all loved showing their creative side and enjoyed watching me attempt to draw an example dragon for them! 
Have a look at some super examples below!

Our Amazing Story Maps

In science we have been exploring sound! The children went outside (just narrowly missing the rain) to gather information about the volume of different sounds in relation to distance. We created a line graph to show what happened as the sound travelled further away.
Check out Harry and Arthur's fantastic graphs and explanations!

Year 4 medium term plan video.

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Please find the video talking through what year 4 will be learning in the Autumn terms