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W.C 9.11.20

This week in Hummingbirds has been very busy! We have spent a lot of the week practicing ready for the BIG CHRISTMAS SING! We're very excited to perform and record our songs. We have started to look at our new class text 'The Dark', the children are very excited; they all had to write a story to show what they already knew-a picture above will show us reading out the story we wrote out loud; this always helps us to spot mistakes. 

Another thing we have enjoyed is practicing our fraction knowledge-we drew the fractions on the tables! 

We had a times table battle in class on Thursday! See pictures above-Iver-Quiz Master!

In English on Friday, we took part in some drama! To start with we took on the role of Lazlo. We went for a visit to the dark, gloomy basement (The Dark Space), whilst stood it there, we thought about how Lazlo would have felt when he went into the basement for the first time. For the second part of our lesson, we worked in partners to ‘Hot Seat’ each other. One of us played the role of Laszlo, the other played the role of The Dark, we had to ask each other questions