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w/c 30th November

Rose Blanche Freeze Frames - This week we have been exploring more of our class text and getting into role. We worked in groups to re-create scenes from the text; we used body language and facial expressions to represent our thoughts and feelings. This really helped us draw story maps and write exciting sentences using relative clauses!

Nativity practice


We have been very busy practicing our nativity this week. The children are really showing off their acting and singing skills. It is great to see so many confident and professional year 5s! Well done for learning your lines and song lyrics so quickly. We are going to be great!


Science Leaflets 


In science, the children have been working hard on finding the gestation periods of different animals. It is great when children get the opportunity to be in charge of their learning and research for themselves to gain a better understanding. They were fully engaged and learnt a lot about the different animals they chose to research. We also made graphs of our findings and thought of the correlation between the animals size and the length of the gestation period. It was also interesting to think about the rarity of certain species and the likelihood of extinction for some animals with long gestation periods and only giving birth to one offspring. 


Below, I have attached a document with some examples of children's leaflets and the interesting information they found.

Science Leaflets on Gestation Periods of Different Animals