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w/c 16th November

Anti-bullying Week


This week we have been celebrating anti-bullying week, a week dedicated to raising awareness and prevention of bullying. Red Kites are very knowledgeable of the different types of bullying and the correct steps to take if they are concerned that they or a friend may be bullied. 

We reinforced this knowledge by creating a snakes and ladders board game which the children really enjoyed making and playing. They created a bullying scenario and decided positive choices to make if bullying happens which allows them to go up the ladders or things that will make a situation worse which causes them to go down the snakes.

Well done for the children who came in odd socks and donated money for this important cause. The odd socks are to symbolise that everyone is different and unique but it doesn't mean we should be treated any differently. It is lovely to see the understanding and kindness Red Kites show one another and the random acts of kindness that put smiles on our faces :)

English - poetry 


This week in English we have been looking at poetry and the interesting debate of being for or against war. The children worked in groups to perform a poem thinking about their tone and expression. They were surprised to find at the end that it is a famous anti-war song! 'War' by Edwin Star. It was really interesting to see how the children interpreted the words and their understanding of the meaning behind it. We spoke about songs being used to spread messages of resistance and that sometimes an upbeat song can portray a different message if we listen carefully to the words. 


We have also written some great Kenning poems using the opposing views of war and made thoughtful choices of interesting words to use to describe war. 


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 Kenning Poems

Here are some examples of our great Kenning poems.

Churchill lovers

Crowd wavers

Peace singers

Banner holders

War haters

War lovers

Tank drivers

Child screamers

Sign wavers

by Summer C

Waving people

Whistle blowers

Churchill lovers

Peace singers

Tank movers

Roaring crowds

Amazing screams

Violence destroyers

by Harry M

Waving figures

Sign holders

Cheering roars

Banner flyers

Joyful shouters

Peace singers

Gun makers

Gun destroyers

by Colby K

Hug bringer

Hate breaker

Love fixer

Enemy receiver 

Violence watcher

Peace destroyer

Enemy speaker

by Ruby S