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4.5.23 - May Day Parade - We had so much fun walking round the village waving at all the parents in our lovely outfits and hats. Thank you to all the parents that come to see us! We can't wait to show you our dance in a few weeks time!

24.4.23 - We have had an exciting day in Toucans today. We have started our work on fractions and inverted commas. In Maths we looked at wholes and parts using pictures and a range of representations. We then built our own towers and discussed in pairs what was the whole and what was the parts. In English, we looked at direct speech and how to add inverted command and a reporting clause. Children used Macaroni to show the direct speech in their sentences.

Science Workshop - 20.03.23 - Today we had a brilliant Science workshop. We looked at fire, explosions and how to safely to carry out experiments.

World Book Day - Thursday 3rd March. We have loved reading with our buddies in year 6 today. We enjoyed reading to our partners and hearing each other.

Art Week - Abstract Art - Painting without a paintbrush

The focus during today’s Art session is to ‘paint without a paintbrush’. The children learnt that we don’t have to just use paintbrushes to create a painting. We can use all different kinds of objects - things we have around the house, things we find in nature, and our own hands.

Using this technique, the children learnt about Abstract Art. Abstract art is a non-lifelike portrayal of real-world objects, people and scenes that are usually difficult for other people to recognise. It portrays what an artist feels and thinks, rather than what he or she sees, and often expresses emotions and ideas. Just as we do not know other people’s thoughts, we do not always know what abstract art portrays but if you ask the artist, he or she can explain the painting to you.

We explored what actions were used in a variety of paintings, eg. tapping, dripping, scraping, dabbing, flicking, swiping, and spraying, and created a collaborative abstract painting as a class.

21.02.23 - Art week - As part of Art Week we have been exploring different types of creative Art. We started our week off by creating a dance based on elephants.

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10.2.23 - Art - Henri Rousseau

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This term we have been looking at Henri Rousseau in our Art lessons. We have said what we liked about his paintings, drafted our own before trying to create our own in his style.

22.1.22 - History work - We have enjoyed starting our new topic on 'Great Explorers'. In our first lesson we created biographies about Christopher Columbus. Please see some of our work below

Maths - Number bond games.

Today in Maths we had fun revisiting number bonds to ten and exploring a variety of ways to remember them, including bunny ears and a memory game. We took this knowledge of number bonds and applied it to larger numbers in a range of maths games, helping us count on to the next ten in two digit numbers.

St Leonard's Church visit

Last Wednesday, year 2 went on a visit to St Leonard's Church as part of our RE topic. The Vicar, Duncan Fraser, spoke to us about the Christmas story and its importance to Christians. We discussed why Christians believe Jesus was sent to us and why he was born where he was. We shared what we enjoy most about Christmas and thought about important journeys to ourselves and those in the Christmas story. 

Year 2 update

In Maths we have been exploring our number bonds and securing our understanding of these. We have been using tens frames to help us identify and solve problems around this.

During our History lessons, we have been looking at facts about the fire and have used this to have a debate looking at the possibility that the fire wasn't an accident. We thought about why some people may have started it and had to try to persuade the rest of the class.

In Science, we explored insulators. We were challenged to create Mr Walton a new drinks bottle to help keep his drinks warm whilst the weather outside is getting cold. We found that underlay was a great insulator for his new cup! We hope he likes it!

We were also lucky to have the local PSCO, Helen Keen, come in during Anti-bullying week and read us a story that looked at bullying and she also read us a beautiful poem!

Finally, we have been making Christmas decorations based around the nationalities in our year group. Some of these will be on display in the Church during Light up Eynsham this Friday - please come and have a look!


Artwork - 'Fire Fire'

In Autumn terms 1 and 2 our topic is 'Fire Fire'. We have learned all about The Great Fire of London in Science, History, English and have even focused on it during our Art lessons. We have experimented with silhouettes and different media to create a 3 dimensional fire scenes. Ultimately we decided upon using black paper to form a silhouette over a background of shredded paper that helps recreate the colours and texture of flames. 

Science Oxford – Great Fire of London workshop

On Thursday, year 2 were visited by Science Oxford as part of our Science topic ‘Everyday Materials’ and our History top ‘Fire Fire’. The children looked at the fire triangle and how this is important when it comes to fire and how they can be prevented or extinguished. They also explored what happens to fire when different elements are mixed with it and the affects this can have on the colour and temperature of the fire. Throughout the workshop children used their knowledge of The Great Fire of London to think of the impact of how London was built and the fire triangle had on how the fire started, spread and was eventually extinguished.

International Dot Day - Today we celebrated International Dot Day in school. This gave us a great chance to be creative and explore different medians in Art all centred around a dot we placed on out page. Please have a look at the pictures of us planning and creating our mini masterpieces. Please come back next week to see images of our artwork.

Maths manipulatives - On Friday in Maths, we explored numbers up to 50 using the concrete resources and creating pictorial representations. We challenged our self to partition them into tens and ones as well as some non-standard partitioning. We discussed what we knew about each number as a table.