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The Early Years Curriculum at ECPS

Early Years Foundation Stage


At Eynsham Community Primary School, we carefully consider the balance between adult led and child led learning and understand that both play an important role in our children’s education. Through effective use of planning the indoor and outdoor environments, we ensure that the seven areas of learning are considered so that children can independently access their learning, whilst having the adult available to scaffold through questioning, and a good knowledge of children’s development.  The curriculum is aspirational and shows clear progress between terms, allowing children to deepen and explore the topics whilst not overwhelming them.


As Early Years practitioners, we ensure that we reflect on the different rates at which children are developing and how they learn, as every child is different.


We observe, reflect and review by focusing on how children:

  • Play and explore
  • Actively learn
  • Create and think critically



 We aim that the Maths curriculum will provide children with an in-depth learning experience that will given them a solid understanding of early number, spatial reasoning and pattern. We provide children with a wide variety of opportunities to engage with the cardinality, comparison and composition of numbers to 10, as well as providing opportunities for them to count to 20 and beyond. To secure firm foundations in early Mathematics learning, those children in early years benefit from daily adult directed teaching experiences, which are then supplemented through opportunities to further engage because of the child initiated learning.



We ensure that our children develop a life-long love of reading that includes language, comprehension and word reading. Children are read and sung to regularly and exposed to a range of high quality, aspirational texts to help develop their ‘story voice’. This then leads to skilled word reading where children are given the skills in phonics sessions and the environment to decode words and recognise print.



Writing at Eynsham starts with children articulating their own ideas from adult stimulus, questioning and high quality texts which can then be developed through role play, story maps and discussions. Children will then be taught the skills to apply their phonetic understanding to their transcriptions, which involves decoding and forming letters. The environment encourages all children, regardless of interests and gender, to want to write. We channel the children’s interests to mark make and write independently, in a range of scenarios such as notes, letters and stories.  


Our curriculum in the Early Years

We ensure that our curriculum is broad and balanced by giving children to opportunity to encounter all seven areas of learning.

Through adult questioning and commentary, children’s communication and language is developed and built upon effectively. Our language rich environments and use of high quality texts encourage children to learn new vocabulary, ask questions and articulate their ideas and thoughts in well formed sentences.

The whole child is considered so that their Personal Social and Emotional Development is supported and the children manage their emotions, develop a positive sense of self and have the confidence to reach their own goals. Teachers implement the Jigsaw scheme which explores making good friendships and resolving conflicts effectively.

The environment and curriculum overviews ensure that children can develop their strength, co-ordination and positional awareness through targeting fine and gross motor skills. Both the classroom and outdoor area ensure that children maintain an active and healthy lifestyle whilst they are at school. Teachers follow Real PE that work on these vital skills throughout the children’s time in reception.  


Our topics include: All about me, Under the sea, Off to space, Food glorious food, Once upon a time, People who help us.