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Term 5

What a great start to Term 5 and our new topic Frozen Planet!

When we arrived in school, we excitedly discovered blocks of ice with lots of animals frozen inside. This inspired some fantastic observations and writing.

Week commencing 19th April

A surprise package arrived in our classroom today…it was a ruck sack with lots of exciting items inside such as a torch, warm mittens, woolly hat, bottle of water, rope and a book – The Great Explorer by Chris Judge. The book is our new ‘Frozen Planet’ class text.


Using a world map to help us, we mapped out the world’s seven continents and five oceans. We learnt that maps are flat, and the world is round and that is why you see two Pacific Oceans labelled on a map.

Week Commencing 10th May - Maths measuring length and height

Today we built on our prior knowledge of measuring length and height using non-standard units and applied this to measuring using a ruler. We explored a variety of objects and understood that objects can vary in length and size, so a standard unit of measurement is required, such as centimetres and metres. We also discovered that it is important to measure from 0 cm.


Week Commencing 24th May


Maths – Position and Direction

Using our knowledge and skills on position and movement we created our own treasure hunt. We wrote instructions on how to get to the treasure, selecting terminology to use such as up, down, forwards and backwards depending on the position. For challenge, we added additional items making stops along the way.

Art – Andy Goldsworthy

We had great fun manipulating and joining clay to create our own Andy Goldsworthy inspired sculptures. We experimented with using different tools to mould and join the clay together.