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Here you will find updates about what your amazing, hardworking children have been getting up to during their lessons!

Please be sure to visit regularly and celebrate our learning with us. 

NEEDED: Donations for Christmas Hampers!

We are calling for your help with the Christmas hampers this year.


For Year 2, we would please like you to bring in items that would be for an:


Arts and Crafts hamper, suitable for children 5 years and upwards.


If you have any items, can they be bought into class by Monday 22nd November.


We thank you for your amazing support.


Sparrow Class


Sparrows has made an excellent start to year 2! 

In English, we have read "Vlad and The Great Fire of London' while reading "George's Marvellous Medicine" as our story. We are looking forward to rewriting the story from a different point of view.  In Maths, we have been solving lots of place value investigations. 

African Dance Workshop - October

Year 2 were lucky enough to welcome Science Oxford in to explain and experience the Science behind the Fire of London. Reading through the story and using extracts from Samuel Pepys’s diary, they took us on a journey from how the fire started to how they got it under control. Explaining further what the fire triangle is and what the fuel was throughout the fire of London. We watched as they set houses on fire, demonstrating how the fire triangle worked. Continuing on their story, we learnt of how the technique of “Fire Break” by tearing down houses could have stopped the fire before it spread even further. Analysing whether Sir Thomas Bloodworth really was at fault for not stopping it earlier. How the winds changed and using a wind tunnel, we got to observe how the wind whipped up the fire and made the fire grow beyond what we could even imagine. It was a fantastic experience that we learnt so much from.

Visit by Robert Courts MP Assembly - 12th November

Visit to St Leonard's Church

On Thursday 9th December, Sparrow class visited St Leonard's Church. We learnt more details about the Nativity and even got a chance to dress up! (Mr Harris even had a chance to be on stage this time!)


We learnt all about the different journeys that were taken place during the story of the Nativity. We looked at how the angels, shepherds, Mary and Joseph's and the Wise Men's travelled towards Bethlehem.


Afterwards, we then completed two activities exploring the church. We found out how old the church is and even found when the first Vicar was there! (It was the year 1197!)