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Science week - 3/11/20 to 6/11/20


Living Rainforest Workshop - Friday 6th November

Today we met insects, tarantulas, amphibians and reptiles during a living rainforest workshop. Paul told us about his travels to Borneo, India, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Brazil and Ghana to study the habits and habitats of insects and spiders. It was amazing listening first-hand about the sights and sounds of these magnificent places, and the amazing creatures that live there. We learnt about the rainforest cleaners, the eaters of rotting wood, leaves and fruit, we then looked at beetles and their amazing lifecycle, did you know it is the same as the butterflies? After that we moved into the canopy, where praying mantis and stick insects use their camouflage to hide amongst the leaves. We saw how the mantis use camouflage to catch their food, and the stick insects use it to stop themselves becoming food. We discussed evolution, locomotion, habitats and lifecycles. During the workshop we could touch some of the animals.

Marble Run Competition

We took part in a whole school Marble Run Competition. We were given various items to make our marble run. The winner was the pair which could make the marble zig-zag down the board (moving continuously) in the slowest time. As we worked, we were able to discuss forces such as friction, gravity and air resistance. The winners of Sparrow Class were Ruby A and Sebastian - great teamwork!!

Marble Run Competition

Science Week - Tuesday 3rd November to Friday 6th November