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Science Week!


This week has been Science Week!
We have been conducting lots of exciting experiments and having visits from real life scientists.  We had a class competition to see who could create the slowest marble run using everyday materials from around the school.  7 Seconds was the winner in Hummingbirds; Freddy and Annabelle worked hard to create a marble run with lots of objects, they say that this was the reason theirs was the slowest! 


We have also worked in small groups to create our own experiments including finding out ‘What sweet makes the best volcano?’ and ‘What ball bounces the highest?’  We created our own question, decided what equipment we needed, planned how we would conduct the experiment and ensured it was fair, conducted the experiment and then presented our results. It was a huge challenge to get this done, but the Hummingbirds worked well in their teams. We created some exciting experiments with amazing results. 

On the final day of Science week we had a visit from the Living Rainforest and met many creatures including cockroaches, scorpions and Rosie the tarantula.  It was a very enjoyable week and we certainly have some budding Scientists in Hummingbirds!