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School Council

Each class from years 1 to 6 elects two representatives to serve on the school council. Additionally, the head boy and girl, alongside Mr Catling, Mrs Howell and the headteacher, serve on the school council making a total of 21 members.


Our School Council meets every two weeks for half an hour at a time. Gabe & Silas chair our meeting. Poppy and Izzy acts as the council’s Secretary, supporting the meetings and organising the minutes for each meet. The secretary makes sure the notes and minutes get back to each class representative. Between each meeting, the members of the Council lead a discussion in their classes in order to gain an understanding of the views of the children at Eynsham. This often includes votes, which the members then report the results back to the council at the next meeting.

School Council members 2019-20




The School Council’s Impact


Autumn term, September – December 2019:

During this term, the school councils main focus:

  • Bullying projects, looking at ways to identify bullying and appropriate ways to deal with it.
  • How we can improve lunchtimes for children within our school, through use of equipment and activities available for the children.


Spring term, January – April 2020:

In the spring term the focus of the school council will be a project involving the school becoming more eco-friendly. This will involve:

  • Researching potential events such as ‘meat free Monday’. Including running an assembly on the reasons for and against being meat free.
  • Looking at palm oil and researching products and resources that have palm oil in and the effects of deforestation as a result.