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Footy Kids - Taster Session

Today, we were lucky enough to have a taster session with Footy Kids, an after school club. We played football games and even had a training session today! We had so much playing football and improving our skills! Thank you to Footy Kids for coming in!

Egg Experiment - How to look after your teeth

Here is our experiment all to do with how to clean our teeth! We first got 3 eggs and placed them into different liquids: Coca Cola, Vinegar and Water. We then added 3 more eggs and placed them into the same liquids but added in toothpaste and then left for a whole week! 

We then inspected the different eggs in terms of smell, looks and even strength. We found out that toothpaste is really good at keeping the eggs clean and that the worse liquids for our teeth are Coca Cola and vinegar! The smell was also disgusting too!

Maths and Space Investigation

Here is our exciting investigations into patterns. We learnt what patterns were and tried to spot different patterns that were made. We then had a go trying our own patterns! This also happened outside where were made lots of obstacle courses and travelled around them with different methods! 


Shape Investigation and Woodland walk.

Here is our investigation into shapes this week! We learnt all about the different types of shapes such as triangle, square, rectangle and circles. We investigated their different properties and how they are different from each other! After all this amazing learning, we then went down the woodland and made our own shapes using all the natural resources that we could find!

We were lucky enough to have our relatives to come in and share our learning today! We sat on the carpet and sang them the Nursery Rhymes we were learning that week and even learning Makaton!#


We then joined our parents in creating images for our Nursery Rhyme, "5 little speckled frogs." We used glitter, colouring pencils and felt to create colourful and interesting frogs. We then stuck them to sticks to create a puppet show in which we could sing the nursery rhyme when we got home.

P.E. - 1st on the Astro

Today, we had our 1st ever P.E. session on the Astroturf! We were changed into our P.E. kits and we walked beautifully outside. We played many games such as "Stuck in the Mud" to warm up and then learnt different games that we can play together. 

One game we particularly enjoyed was "snake". With one person being the "head of the snake" they try and tag people. Each time someone is tagged, they join the snake to make it longer and longer until there is only 1 person left! It was so much fun to be out on the AstroTurf and we look forward to doing it again!

Christmas Party day!

As we have been studying Kipper's birthday as a book, we had a Christmas party! Working with adults, we measured the mixture of cupcakes and then helped whisking it together. We then made our own jam sandwiches using knives to both cut and spread the jam! We then put our songs we have been learning and had our cupcakes and sandwiches together! It was amazing!

With our class visiting the Pegasus Theatre to watch Hansel and Gretel, we had a visitor to help us explain the story. We sat in a circle and explored items that had to do with the story! Using drama, we then acted out as part of the story using our bodies and voices to add mystery and spookiness to the hall. Look at our faces and our acting bodies! We loved this so much and cannot wait for our trip!

Today, we visited an amazing Pantomime at the Pegasus Theatre. The play was "Hansel and Gretel". We boarded our first coach of the year and drove all the way to Oxford! We then sat in the theatre while the actors were playing their instruments! We then had a great time joining in with the different activities! We called for Hansel to come home, we made a stream, we stroked a deer and doves! It was an amazing experience and we would love to do it again!

Today, we were lucky enough to have a taster session from Mr Walton's football session! We had to try many different techniques such as rolling the ball and trapping it! We then had a turn at dribbling and running with the ball! We had so much fun and learnt many different techniques! Look at the different games we played!


If you would like your child to join in even more amazing games, there is an after-school club on Mondays! Come to the Office and sign your child up!

Congratulations Robins!

Congratulations Robins! They have been so amazing last term that they won the most postcards given out for Term 2! They have been so well-behaved and worked so hard, they have deserved everyone! This trophy will be on display in our classroom to remind our children how fantastic they are!

Today, we were lucky enough to have the fire service visit our school! We went outside and explored the fire engine! We not only sat in the cab but we explored the seating behind! We were lucky enough to be allowed to sound the siren and even speak using the speaker! It was so lovely to see the different tools and equipment that they use, such as an axe, crusher and even cutters. 

We then were lucky enough to have a chat with some firefighters in our classroom. They spoke through their outfits and the importance of safety at home. We learnt "Stop, drop and roll," and in our homes, to "Get out, Stay out and ring 999." 

The children were a credit to themselves with their wonderful behaviour. 

Career's day

Look at our amazing outfits for Careers day! We had an amazing day exploring the different outfits and jobs that we wanted to be! We had a wide range of careers, from Policemen all the way to Explorers! Thank you to all who spent what seemed like hours preparing their outfits! 

In the afternoon, we were lucky enough to see all the different jobs that our parents and carers did! It was wonderful to see all the jobs that people do in our area and in the wider community. We would like to thank all the parents that sent in those pictures/videos.