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Tilsley park

On Tuesday 6th July Robins and Kingfishers went to Tilsley Park! This term we have been learning all about the Olympics and the different sports. The children had a fantastic time at the athletics ground and completed running races, throwing challenges and a long jump! We all had a fantastic time and managed to dodge most of the rain!

International Day! 

Robins and Kingfishers have enjoyed their international day and have explored Japan. This is in line with our topic of the Olympics this term. The day began with a visit from two karate instructors. They showed us all a range of moves and techniques which we got to practise too. The children used their voices and had a go at shouting out the different commands. They were VERY good at this! 

We then went back to our classroom and took part in two other activities. We used different vegetables and rice to make our sushi which was delicious. We rolled out the rice, which was very sticky, and added in different vegetables that we liked. The children then had a go at Origami and made their own paper dog. We followed the instructions step by step, and their dogs were great! 


We had a fantastic day and enjoyed learning about Japan! Thank you to Miss Lopez for helping organise the activities!

May Day 2021

We hope you enjoy our dance!

May Day 2021

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A visit from a Marine Biologist!


We were very lucky and had a visit from Gwilym, who is a marine biologist! Gwilym arrived in his scuba gear and the children were shown the different parts of the scuba equipment. Gwilym told us all about his adventures and we had the chance to ask lots of questions! The children were shown different signs, which is how marine biologists communicate when under water.


The children then drew different sea creatures (and created some of their own!) and added them to our sea picture.

Daily Mile!

We have been busy this week with our first go at the Daily Mile. Although we will not be completing this on a 'daily basis', we are definitely giving it a good go! We have spent time this week in line with our topic Food, Glorious Food, thinking about ways to stay healthy. We talked about why it is important to exercise regularly, not only for our physical health, but our mental well being too! This children felt refreshed and ready for lots of exciting learning after their running! 

Our first week back in school!

We have been very busy since coming back to school! Robins and Kingfishers have enjoyed lots of time in the garden, spending time with their friends again and and of course, lots of fantastic learning has been going on! We have continued to explore our topic of Food, Glorious Food!


People who help us. (Term 3)

This term our topic has been 'People who help us' and even though we haven't been at school we have been working hard exploring how people in our community help us, what the emergency services do and what we can do to make ourselves super, like superheroes.


Here are some examples of the activities we have been doing

Superhero stories - written after an extended writing workshop about adjectives.

Home learning: 5th January 


Please see the document below with a selection of ideas for home learning.


From Wednesday 5th January, we will be adding daily activities/teaching videos on Tapestry in the form of memos that will provide home learning for Robins and Kingfishers. 

Last week of term!

We have been very busy and having such a lovely week in Robins and Kingfishers. The week started with a Santa Fun Run! The children did such an amazing job of running laps of the field to Beat the Teachers! It was very chilly and very muddy, but the spirits were high! Mrs Bayliss cheered on the children with Christmas songs and we all had a little dance going around the field.


We also had a delicious Christmas dinner on Wednesday. We made our own party hats and enjoyed a dinner from the school kitchen. We enjoyed listening to festive music and eating our lunch with our friends. The fun continued Thursday where we had our own class parties. We played musical statues, danced to our favourite music and played lots of other party games. We also had a great lunch with lots of party food!


We have really enjoyed our last week of term and the children have done so well with all their hard work. We hope you have a lovely Christmas break and we will see you in the New Year!


Christmas is on it's way. Oh no it's not, oh yes it is!

This week we have been preparing for Christmas by taking part in lots of festive activities. We had a visit from an amazing theatre company who put on the pantomine, Dick Whittington. There were lots of funny characters and we got to join in with some of the acting and dancing.

We also filmed our own Christmas production and did a great job of learning lines and performing on stage, in our bubbles. The filming ended with the whole school performing the last song together outside. It was a bit cold but it was good to see the whole school together again.

A visit from Rob Jones


On Wednesday Robins and Kingfishers had a very exciting visit from children's author, Rob Jones. We came dressed up in our favourite fairytale characters which was very exciting. When Rob arrived, he read both of his fantastic books to the children. His first book, "Bernard" was a very funny story about a wolf who liked to eat jam! The children loved the pictures and the funny twist at the end. We were then lucky enough to see Rob's brand new book, "Where's Brian's bottom?" As you can imagine, this book was a big hit with the children and it folded out so we could see all of the lovely pictures. Rob showed the children how to draw some of the characters from his book and they all made a Brian finger puppet too. The children's drawings were amazing! Just before Rob left, he very kindly gifted everyone with a copy of his book "Bernard" to keep! It was such a fantastic morning for all involved! 

If you would like to purchase Rob's new book, "Where's Brian's Bottom", you will be able to buy it February next year (link below)!

Guinea Pig Visit

We had a lovely treat this week when Mr Reeves brought Cam, his guinea pig, in to visit us. We learnt all about what Cam eats, how he keeps his teeth clean, what he needs to stay healthy and at the end we all got to stroke him. We thought he felt very soft, some of us could feel the bones along his back when we touched him. We then had a discussion about our skeleton and compared it to the guinea pig's. We discovered that we had a lot of things in common.

Later in the week we went on frosty walk. We made footsteps in the frost across the grass and 'skated' on the frozen water on a sheet of polythene. We looked at the frost on different surfaces and noticed that it made beautiful patterns and on spider webs it looked like jewels. 


Robins and Kingfishers have been looking at the festival of light and the story behind Diwali. We heard the story and had lots of time to talk about the characters as well as how people celebrate each year. We have been looking at traditions and cultures in our own families and how everyone's traditions are slightly different to somebody else's. The children then made their own Diva lamps out of clay. The children used a range of tools to create their pot ready for a candle to go inside. 


Diva lamps

Run Run as fast as you can!!!!!


This week we have been so busy in Kingfisher and Robin classes. We started our topic of Once Upon a Time by looking at the story of The Gingerbread Man. Our role play has been turned into the Gingerbread Cafe and we have had great fun dressing up as the chef and customers baking, ordering and eating delicious cakes and biscuits. We used our maths skills to work out how much the cakes cost. This week we have also written instructions on how to decorate gingerbread man biscuits and then decorated our own.

On Wednesday we joined in the whole school 2 minute silence to commemorate Remembrance Day and made some beautiful poppy pictures, our teachers were really impressed with how respectful we were. 

Science week!


This week Foundation have been exploring investigations and Rainforest animals! We started our week with an experiment creating rainbows. We added colours to the bottom of our tissue rainbows and added them to bowls of water. The children were very excited to see that the ink spread and created the rainbows! We then had a brilliant discussion about whether our predictions were correct. 



We were also visited by some rainforest creatures! The children were lucky enough to see cockroaches, a tarantula, a snake, stick insects, a giant millipede, a frog, a gecko and a preserved alligator head! The children asked lots of excellent questions and really enjoyed the experience. A big thank you to Mr Wyatt for organising a fantastic morning!


We finished off the day with a special rainforest yoga session. We worked on our frog, snake and spider pose!

A visit from Jane the witch!

Robins and Kingfishers were very excited to have a visit from Jane the Witch at the end of term. The children enjoyed eating their lunch whilst listening to a story during a live event organised for primary schools across the country. Foundation stage contributed their own ideas for a spooky spell and had the opportunity to ask Jane questions. It was a very exciting way to spend our lunchtime and the children came up with some excellent questions!