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Platinum Jubilee 2022


This week we have been doing lots of different activities to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We made crowns, lolly stick soldiers, Union Jack flags, cucumber sandwiches and cakes; which we ate at a special picnic. We also learnt a dance to a song from the 1950s. At the end of the week we dressed up in 1950’s clothes and joined the rest of the school and performed our dance to all our family and friends.

'Under the Sea' fun!


A visit from Gwilym, the Marine Biologist:

We were lucky enough to have a fantastic visit from Gwilym, who is a Marine Biologist. He showed us all of the equipment needed in his job and we were shown different sign language that they use under the water to communicate with each other. We asked Gwilym questions and found out lots about different sea creatures. We would like to say a big thank you to Gwilym for giving up his time to come and talk to us- it was fantastic!


A visit to Bristol Aquarium:

On Thursday 19th May, we all went on the coach to Bristol Aquarium! We saw a huge range of different sea creatures and also took part in a tour of the aquarium called "Pirates and Piranhas!" We learned about different tales of Pirates and we explored different Shark eggs! We got to feed some of the fish and saw some Sting Rays too! The children were all absolutely fantastic and were a real credit to the school. Fun was had by all!

Ocean pollution


“Big changes start with small steps!”


We enjoyed looking at different stories about helping save the ocean this week in Robins. We talked about the importance of recycling, reusing and not littering. We then worked in groups to make posters to help spread the word. We have LOVED learning about this before we head to the aquarium!

Theatre workshop

Robins enjoyed a theatre workshop this week! Anna and Tarek came from the Oxford Playhouse to tell us all about “Crumple”, the character made from wrapping paper! We played games and acted out different things with our very own Crumple. We had a fantastic time!

Forest School Fun

Robins had great fun at Forest School this week. It was the first time we have been in the Marsh when it hasn't been raining or cold. We were amazed at how tall the cow parsley had grown and had fun playing hide and seek in the tall flowers. We practiced our tree climbing skills; looked for signs that Spring is definitely here - identifying different flowers, such as bluebells, cow parsley, daffodils and dandelions; made dens; created a mud kitchen and most importantly of all enjoyed our hot chocolate and cookie.

May Parade 2022

We had fun last week joining in the May Day Parade. We walked around the village in our smart clothes and hats. The Morris Dancers were at the front playing some May Day music. We waved and said "Good Morning" to all the people who had come outside to see our parade. We had such an exciting time!

Visit from the Farm

 We were so excited to end our topic on "Food Glorious Food" with a visit from the farm. Some of the animals were able to wander around freely and we could get up close to them. We could groom the pony and feed the goats and sheep. If we sat very still the baby goats came and jumped on us. We even got to hold a tiny little mouse. As well as having lots of fun we learnt lots of facts about where our food comes from; we were surprised to learn that we could drink milk from the cow, sheep and goats! We made a list of all the foods that are made with milk or that you add milk to. It was a very long list but our favourite food made from milk was definitely ice cream. Earlier in the week we did some work in class matching the names of baby and adult animals so we were keen to learn when Farmer Dani told us what the different male and female animals were called. 

Community Link- Planting with the Nature Recovery Network


We were very pleased to have the local Nature Recovery Network visit our EYFS classes this week. We planted a variety of wildflowers which we will now care for until they are ready to be planted in the Autumn. The children were told about the importance of wildflowers and how we need to ensure they are healthy so they will benefit lots of bees and insects. We also planted some Oxeye Daisy plants in our new garden area at the bottom of the field which was brilliant! We would like to say a massive thank you to the Nature Recovery Network for their time and generous seed donations, and also to any parents who contributed pots and compost! We are very much looking forward to seeing our plants grow!


Shrove Tuesday

This week we have been looking at the book, "Mr Wolf's Pancakes" in line with Shrove Tuesday, and our topic: "Food, Glorious Food!" We discussed the different ingredients that go into pancakes which inspired our writing this week. The children wrote instructions for making pancakes and practised writing these directions in a  numbered list. 


We then got to decorate and sample our own pancakes, which was great fun!

Chinese New Year in Robins

We have enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year over the last week in Robin class. We have listened to the story and acted out different parts with puppets in our choosing time. We also enjoyed looking at videos online about how people celebrate the special occasion. This then led to us trying some different Chinese food, which we definitely enjoyed! We all wrote about the food in our writing books and described the different things we tried. 

A visit from Eynsham Fire Crew!

Today we were lucky enough to have a visit from the Eynsham firefighters! We were split into groups and were shown the fire engine and also had a talk in the school hall all about the importance of fire alarms and alerting our families if we hear the sound of the alarm. The firefighters showed us their uniform and explained how important they are when keeping them safe in their job everyday. 


Outside we were shown the fire engine which included hoses, ladders and a giant tool to help people out of cars and houses. This tool is strong enough to lift a truck! We all had a turn at climbing into the fire truck and had lots of opportunities to ask any questions. We had such a great time and are very grateful to the Eynsham team for coming to see us! 

A Visit from the Police

This week we had a visit from the police to help us find out, more about, how they can help us. 

PC Helen and PC Chris read us a story about PC Ben which explained all the ways the police can help people. We got to look at their uniform and equipment and found out what it is used for. We even got to see the police car and hear the sirens and see the lights flash.

We learnt that we need to call 999 if we need the police but only in a real emergency when there are no other adults to help us. We have to say our name and where we are.

We are looking forward to PC Helen and PC Chris coming back to school in the Spring to teach us about road safety.

Exploring patterns!

We have been looking at patterning this term in Robins. We have been making AB patterns and having a go at spotting mistakes in different patterns. Next week we will go onto exploring ABB/ABBA patterns with resources and pictures!

A trip to Pegasus Theatre!


Robins and Kingfishers went on a coach to the Pegasus Theatre in Oxford to see "Margot's Magical Winter Wonder Party"! The play was based around the last two years from the perspective of a child and how Margot felt during the lockdowns and changes in her life, with a wonderful festive twist! The children absolutely loved it and there were lots of opportunities to dance and join in! We were absolutely blown away with how brilliantly the children were, and made all of the staff very proud.

Off to Space!

This week we have launched our new topic, 'Off to Space!' We have been looking at the Solar System and how the planets fit within Outer Space. We have been practising recognising and naming the planets, and also made our very own using shaving foam, paint and card. It is safe to say that Robins and Kingfishers are loving their new topic, and are very excited about learning lots more amazing Space facts!

Firework writing

Look at our fantastic writing! We explored all about firework night, the traditions behind it and also the noises that fireworks make. We wrote some fantastic descriptions about Fireworks and the different noises you would hear at a display. 

Fitness for all day!


Robins and Kingfishers had a fantastic day celebrating Fitness for all. The day started with a HIIT workout from Mr Jackson. We did squats, burpees, sit ups and lots more brilliant exercises. We worked so hard and felt very hot and tired afterwards- the sign of a good workout!


After that, we joined Mr Walton on the astro turf; we all took part in a relay in teams where we had to collect cones and dodge different hoops on the floor.


We had a fantastic day and really enjoyed both talking about how to stay fit and healthy and the exercising! 

The first few weeks of school!


The children in Robins and Kingfishers have settled into life at Eynsham so well this term. We have started our topic of "All about me" and have so far created fantastic self portraits, explored our different senses, named parts of the body and spent lots of time talking about what makes us special. 

We have also spent lots of time in our outdoor area where so much of our fantastic learning takes place. We have been building dens, practised our writing, explored early number and developed our confidence when riding the bikes! 


We have looked at both phase 1 and 2 phonics where we have been recognising initial sounds and forming some letters independently. We are also showing lots of progress with name writing too! 


We are all looking forward to the rest of the term, especially our Stay and Play session on Monday 18th October (1.30-3.00pm).