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Welcome to Red Kite's page!

I hope you enjoy looking at all the exciting and interesting learning your children have been involved in.

This week in Science we have looked at dissecting plants and identifying the way in which plants reproduce. Here we have labelled all the important parts for asexual plant reproduction.

This week in Science we have looked at separating materials when they get mixed up! We have looked at the process of evaporation, filtering, sieving and magnetic conductors to separate two materials. Here's what we got up to.

World Book Day - The Red Kites absolutely loved dressing up as characters from the Harry Potter books. We were also fortunate enough to be given a free book from Blackwell Books in Oxford. Here are some pictures of the class sharing their new books with one another.

RE - Acting out the story of 'Duni Chand and the Silver Needle'.

Science - The digestive system

WWII Carrot Cookies

Take a look at some of our pictures from our WWII trip to Didcot Railway Station!

As part of Black History month, we had the chance to take part in an African dance workshop.

Today we had the chance to try acting during English. We tried to imagine how our main character Felix might be feeling whilst looking for his parents. 

Fitness for all Day!

We had an amazing day trying out lots of different fitness activities today, including Capture the Flag against the Hawks class. 

Testing air resistance. This week we have been testing the effects of air resistance on our running. We used parachutes to measure the difference in speed of our runs between running with and without a parachute.