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24.01 - Revising our number bonds to 10

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Today we were using Numicon to revise our number bonds to 10 and exploring how our bonds to 10 can help us with our bonds to 20 too. We thought about what stays the same and different. Here is a child explaining what he has made with the numicon.

21.01 - Our African patterns

Textiles and patterns are a big part of the African culture. Men and women often weave cloth and sell it for money. There are many different styles of cloth across the African continent due to the different tribes and groups. The colours and shapes on the clothes are symbolic to the tribe making it.
We used oil pastels to create our own African patterns. We learnt about hot and cold colours and decided which would be appropriate for our patterns.

18.01 - Using our fingers to count on

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This week we have been learning how to use counting on to add two numbers together.
Here is a child modelling how he uses his fingers to count on.

18.01.22 - 5 Oceans. Today we learnt about the five oceans in the world.


We getting better at logging onto the Chromebooks and Purple Mash. Our practising is helping us get quicker and become more confident using a laptop. Some of us remember our logins by heart!

14.01.22 Making our own world map

11.01.2022 - Learning about the seven continents

7 continents song

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We have been learning the seven continents. Here is us singing a song to help us remember!

'Africa' Our topic this term is Africa. In Art we explored different African patterns and use oil pastels to create our own African pattern. We discussed the difference between hot and cold colours and what colour would work best in our print. We look forward to you seeing the finishing products!

Term 3 - Handa's Suprise. In English we are reading Handa's Suprise. This week we have learnt the story, sequenced the pictures and wrote sentences to describe each part.

11.01.2022 - 3D Shape

Term 3 - Shape. Today we started our new Maths topic - Shape. We went on a shape hunt around the classroom. After we found a shape, we described its properties. 'My shape is a square. It has four sides that are the same length.' 'My shape is a rectangle. It has two long sides and two short sides.'

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