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Children's author visit ðŸ“–


Today we had a very special guest visiting our live lesson: Kate Claxton! She wrote the fantastic story My mum's a tiger. Puffins Class listened very carefully and enjoyed talking about the message in the book: wear your marks with pride! We drew ourselves as wild animals and shared the pictures with her! We interviewed the author and asked her really good questions.


How did you choose the illustrator for your book? I really like the pictures - Jasmine.
Did you like writing at school? - James E.

Do you have any tips for us if we want to become writers? - Edith.



This is her website: where you can find her book, activities and more about her.




Good work!

We are back (remotely!) 💻

Christmas Dinner! 🎉



Today Rainbow Theatre Company visited us to perform a pantomime. They adapted their performance of ‘Dick Whittington’ for us and we loved it!


''I loved the singing!'' – Weronika.

''I acted as a rat! I had to stamp my feet and make squeaky noises'' – Edith.

''The best part was when the king rat got the cheese!'' – Rayan.

''It was very funny when the king rat got slapped!'' – Lizzie.



Dinosaur teeth!


As part of our topic lessons, we explored how dinosaurs ate their food. We know there were herbivore, carnivore and omnivore dinosaurs and we can compare them by their features (sharp or blunt teeth, different size of teeth, beak, long neck...) 


We discussed how we eat our food (using teeth, tongue, lips), then we learned some dinosaurs like diplodocus had teeth that were like the pegs of a comb and we represented this to see how this work!

We also learned that archaeologists have found fossils with stones where the stomach would have been, which means that some dinosaurs swallowed stones to help them to grind the food. We tested this!! 


Look at the pictures to see how we used a container to act as the stomach, we filled it with leaves and stones, and we shook it acting as the muscles grinding the food in the stomach. 



Autumn Walk 

Today we went for an autumn walk as part of our science learning. We were looking out for signs of autumn and we discovered that the seasons impact in plants, animals, and us! We recorded our observations and shared them with the class.




Anti-bullying Week

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In Year 1, we had a great Anti-bullying week! We loved wearing Odd Socks and sharing things that make us special. We discussed the message ‘United against bullying’ and created our pieces of a huge puzzle, where we all play an important role. We also enjoyed our ‘Compliment Battles’. We planned our scripts within a team and we sang the rap songs following the beat. Saying nice things to others made us feel better!

Woodstock Museum Visit (10th Nov)

Science Week

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One of our favourite moments of Life in the Rainforest visit was when the treefrog demonstrated its jumping skills!

Dinosaur Themed Day

A peek into Puffin Class! 👀

Welcome to Puffin Class!



It is lovely to have all the children back in school and to see how well they have settled. This term we will be investigating Everyday materials and Seasonal Changes in Science, while in History we will be learning about the dinosaurs! 


Please find below useful information to help your child's learning:

- PE days: Monday and Tuesday. Please wear full PE kit.

- To support your child's learning, please ensure that you read with them every day and complete an entry in your child's reading book at least 3 times per week.

- We set homework every Friday through Google Classroom and it needs to be handed in by the following Wednesday.

- Please ensure all clothing are clearly labelled.


Many thanks,


Miss Lopez