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Oxford Castle and Prison Trip

Oxford Castle and Prison Visit


The children had a brilliant time exploring the history and geography of Oxford Castle and Prison. We had a brilliant tour around prison cells, cript and up St George's tower of 101 steps where we could see a beautiful view of the Oxford skyline. The children were great at spotting the different landmarks and locations around Oxford. 

We were able to look at the exhibition of different artefacts and timeline of the prison with some real life stories. They even had a go at some hard labour. 

We were also able to go to the old exercise yard which is now the hotel Malmaison and have a go at some exercise drills to tire the inmates out! If they misbehaved they would have to go to the Punishment Cells! 

And to end our day, we learnt even more in the workshop where we tested out knowledge of Oxford, the trade links, importance of human and physical features surrounding the Castle and the types of punishment that would happen if anyone broke the law. 


A brilliant day that will be remembered for a while :)