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This week we all have been working hard on our assessments and showing off everything we know and have learnt.  Mrs Hall has been so impressed with how well we have applied ourselves and is super impressed with everyone - well done Nightingales!

In our Maths lessons we have started to look at the clock and learn how to tell the time accurately.  This is something we use in the 'real world' everyday and something we can all practice at home, so parents, start asking the children to tell you the time!

In History we have been learning all about the fierce Celtic warrior Queen Boudicca, and the revolt she led against the Romans once they betrayed her husband's wishes.

We have also started practising our scene for the whole school nativity and are loving our catchy songs.  We can't wait to pull it all together and show everyone at home.


This week has been Anti-Bullying week and we have been doing lots of things in class and school to celebrate.  We started the week off with Odd Socks Day to demonstrate how we're all special and unique and the children had some wonderful socks to show off!  We've had some great conversations about bullying actually is and what role we can each play to unite against bullying.  We talked about how it is our unique traits that make us and celebrated the things that we each love.  We were also given a 'secret classroom buddy' at the beginning of the week and asked to keep an eye on our buddy and do something kind for them, even if it was just a lovely smile!  We did such a good job of keeping ourselves secret too.  This has all been on top of our other learning such as learning more about fractions and decimal numbers in maths and learning all the rules of speech in order to create great dialogue between the characters in our class text.


This week we started reading our new class text ‘The Dark’ by Lemony Snicket.  We started the week by making predictions about what we thought the story might be about based purely on pictures from the book.  Then we read the first half and felt a little scared about the dark ourselves!  Mrs Hall pretended to be Laszlo and we created a conscience alley where we all told Lazlo what we thought he should do about heading downstairs to the basement.  Then we darkened our room and imagined how Laszlo would have felt, then we hot seated being Laszlo and the dark and asked how each felt and thought about the answer from both characters perspective.

In Maths we started working on fractions and have been looking at unit and non unit fractions, how we make a whole and started looking at tenths.

We have also been practising lots for our Big Christmas Sing and are starting to sound great - keep  practising!