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Nightingale Class

Nightingales are back in their classroom! Whilst we have loved sharing a class with Miss Rayfield and the Hummingbirds, we are excited to be back in our own class. Because of this, you will start to see some things appear on this Nightingale page that are specific to us again. 

In Geography this term we have learned all things Amazing Amazon. As part of this we had an afternoon experiencing everyday life in the rainforest. We created our own tribes, built huts and roleplayed life in the rainforest. After this, we tried some food that naturally originates from the rainforest. This included Lemons, Dates and Avocados. This also tied in with our DT topic this term and we had lots of discussions about seasonal foods. 

DT - Seasonal foods

Our topic in DT this term has dealt with seasonal foods. We have spoken about what seasonal foods mean, how it effects costs, flavour and the environment. We then spoke about how we can preserve our seasonal foods to help us have them year round. This included wheat and flour. As a result of this, we planned, baked and decorated our own cakes using seasonal foods. Here are some photos of us doing so. 

Jungle Jonathon's Roadshow

We were very lucky to be visited by Jonathon's Jungle Roadshow this week. He brought lot's of animals and reptiles that are usually found in the rainforest. We got to interact with them, learn about them and even hold some of them. We all held a Royal Python, danced with a Giant Asian Praying Mantis and watched a Dalmatian Gecko jump onto Holly's shoulder. We all laughed at Mr Catling's reaction to the Pink Toed Tarantulas and when the large one shot poo across the room. Everyone cannot believe how smooth the snake felt! Well done Year 3 for being so brave!!

Every year, Eynsham takes part in the Big Science Event. Science Oxford has challenged the children to carry out experiments of their own. The children have to plan, carry out, write up and present their findings. Nightingales and Hummingbirds combined together to create their own experiments. The teachers had no influence on this, the children were in control of everything. We took advantage of the lovely sunny weather and carried out our investigations outside. We had egg throwing, sandwich cutting, splash making, fizzy drink explosions and ice melting. The children are now tasked with writing up and presenting their findings to the other members of the class. The school will then choose a winner and that group will go up against all the other schools in the challenge to find one winner. The winners get a lovely prize. Fingers crossed for Eynsham and Nightingales. 


P.s. Thank you parents for supplying the equipment for the investigations. 

Red Nose Day - 2022

World record holders!

On Red Nose Day - Nightingales became world record holders. We took part in the worlds biggest game of Musical Bumps. BBC Oxford set up the game and more than 7000 children took part across the schools in Oxfordshire. We had a great time dancing, even if it was a little cold, wet and misty. Of course, there has to be one winner - congratulations to Roman in Year 4. However - well done to Lily who was our last Nightingale standing. 

World Book 2022 - Roald Dahl

Year 3 & 4 final breakdance performance