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We made it to the end of another term and what a term it turned out to be!  We didn't start the way we had planned to but all the children and staff managed to keep on going!  Well done to all the children and parents for coping so well during lockdown and adapting to all the new online methods we were using for home-schooling.  We were thrilled to welcome everyone back at the beginning of March and since then we have been having a great time learning together again.  The children settled back to 'normal' with ease and in no time it felt like we were never away!  We have learnt so much this term both at home and in school and I am so impressed with everything the children have been doing.  We finished this week looking at the events that occurred over Holy Week and learning all about the religious element of Easter.  We then finished our last day with a spectacular Eynsham Easter Bonnet Parade which was such a special event that brought us all together as a community!  The children made a great effort with their bonnets and all that's left to say is, have a lovely Easter and I look forward to seeing you all for the Summer term!