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Languages (French)

Learning a foreign language provides an opening to other cultures. At Eynsham Community Primary School, we aim to broaden children’s horizons and encourage them to step beyond familiar cultural boundaries and develop new ways of seeing the world.


In Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6), French lessons are delivered on a weekly basis . We aim that children develop the ability and ambition to communicate with native speakers in speech and writing, so that children will make substantial progress in one language, both spoken and written language.

Within French lessons, children will have the opportunity to understand and communicate ideas, facts and feelings in speech and writing, focused on familiar and routine matters, using their knowledge of phonology, grammatical structures and vocabulary. By delivering the lessons in an enjoyable way, using songs and activities where children actively take part and demonstrate their understanding, has positively impacted in the feedback of our students. They feel confident to participate in practical communication during our French lessons.

Within our school, we also aim to develop children’s communicative skills providing cultural experiences. For example, we celebrate the European Day of Languages, involving different cultures, gastronomy, traditions, and the importance of the language diversity. Also, this year at Eynsham we are aiming to give children the opportunity to participate in a penfriend exchange.