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On Tuesday, Year 4 visited The Bournville factory of Cadbury's World. Children has a talk on the topic of 'Bean to bar' which discussed where our chocolate comes from and look at how companies advertise their products. We then toured the factory which helped us to see how the brand had grown over time.

Today, in Science, we explored the digestive system and looked at what happens to food in different parts of it. We explored how our mouth breaks food down, our stomach acid helps and what happens as we pass through the small and large intestine to leave us with our waste products. Below are some pictures of our investigation.

As part of History week, we designed and made a tile to form part of a mosaic. The theme of the mosaic was the Jubilee and we thought about what symbols we could use to represent the Queen and her reign.

Recorders practice

This week we began our mission to learn to play Blackbird by The Beatles on the recorders. Can you guess the song we started to learn today? We had a blast making lots and lots of noise!

Blackbird - The Beatles - Year 4 Music

Today, we started looking at our new song for Music - Blackbird by The Beatles. We looked at how the song was composed and what it was about. We discussed how it made us feel and the instruments we thought were used. Please see the video of our first attempt at performing the song. Come back in a few to see us try to play it on an instrument.

Jackdaws, Blackbird

Nightlights - D.T project. This morning in Jackdaws we began to make nightlight. We discussed the electrical components that would be required to make them work before drawing a simple circuit. We then designed our nightlights before attempting to make them. Next week we are hoping to add the electrical components when our designs are dry!

British museum - Today we went on our trip to the British Museum to look at the Ancient Egyptian exhibits and to have a talk about mummification. Please flick through the photos of the day below

Year 3 & 4 dance festival

On Thursday 10th February, we went to Bartholomew for a dance festival led by 'Step 2 Dance'. We had lots of fun learning different dance moves and performing to music. We looked at different types of choreography and the different tempos of songs. Please see some pictures and videos of our routine below. :)

Year 3 & 4 final performance

Working as a team - bridge building challenge

Today (7.2.22) in Jackdaws, we spent our PSHE lesson exploring what it means to work as a team. We started the lesson of by discussing what we thought teamwork meant. After this we suggested the characteristics that make someone a good team mate. We were then set a challenge of working as a team to build a bridge. We were trying to create the best looking bridge as well as the strongest bridge. Please see some pictures of us working as a team below!

Art of Africa

On Friday (14.1.22) Jackdaws started looking at our new topic for Art. We explored irregular patterns and looked at animals that have these patterns. We then discussed different different mediums we could use to recreate them. Our challenge for the lesson was to try to recreate the patterns using, sketch pencils, felt tips and oil pastels. After, we thought about which medium we preferred using and why. Please see some of our amazing recreations below. :)

Should the wearing of school uniform be banned? - Jackdaws debate!

Today, in English, we looked at what debates are and why being able to debate can be an important skill to have. We explored places where debates take place and the significance that they have on the society we live in. We discussed the roles that each person would have in a debate before splitting into teams to begin developing arguments for “should the wearing of school uniform be banned?”. We spent time thinking of reasons for our side of the debate before participating. Children were also given the opportunity to vote before and after the debate, to see if their opinion changed.                                                                                                                                                       

Virtual reality Anti-Bullying workshop.

Today in Jackdaws, we had a brilliant VR workshop based around bullying. We looked at different types of bullying and ways in which we can help to prevent and stop bullying from happening. We watched a scenario that helped us to understand why people may become bullies. The children had a mature discussion around bullying and were able to confidently talk about the scenario and their feelings relating to this.

VR Anti-Bullying workshop


I am sure you have heard all about the amazing time we had at Hill End last week. The children were fantastic role models for the school and I was incredibly proud of the respect, responsibility and resilience that they showed to everyone involved in the trip. 

Below are some pictures and videos of the fun we had!

Today we had an amazing African dance workshop!

Have a look at the video below to see a snippet of our final dance. 

Jackdaw's African dance

Still image for this video
As part of Black History month, we took part in an African dance workshop.

Science experiment 

This week in Science we carried out a science experiment, where we looked at how the volume of a sound may change over distance. After we had finished our experiment, we produced a line graph to help us to analyse the impact distance has on how loud a sound is.

Line graphs - Volume over distance

Jackdaw's English dragon character descriptions

Medium term plan video

Still image for this video
Please find the video talking through what year 4 will be learning in the Autumn terms.