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International Day - Japan

Friday 18th June - International Day 


Today was International day and as a school we chose to look at Japan - seeing as they are the host country of the Olympic games this year it was a good choice for us to explore a different culture. 


In Science, we were dissecting flowers to look at their male and female reproductive parts. Flowers can have many different meanings in Japan, with many associated with the blossom trees, it was a nice lesson to do today. 


We also had Karate instructors in to show us some martial arts and explain the skill and discipline needed in martial arts from across the world but specifically Karate from Japan. Many of the children recognised the instructors from classes they take after school and if your child wanted to have a go at karate in Eynsham, Sensei Claire offers a month free trial - give her a call if you wanted to have a try. 


We also learnt numbers up to 20 in Japanese and played bingo, and learnt a new maths game called 'Chopsticks'. The children really enjoyed playing against each other at this tactical game. We made it more tricky by going into groups. I'm sure your children will be able explain all the rules and have a go at home! :)


To end this lovely day, we had a look at different art forms originating from Japan or with Japanese influence that children could choose from - we had Manga/anime drawings, origami and drawing blossom trees. The children loved it!