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Thank you for stopping by, we are having a fantastic year so far. Please come and visit our page for regular updates and to see what we have been up to!


What a day we had for 'Stone Age Day' in Hummingbirds! There were a lot of exciting opportunities throughout the day and some fantastic costumes! We started the day sketching Stonehenge and checking out our outfits, so many children had homemade outfits, super hairstyles and even fur! We then went down into the marsh to choose the perfect stick to make our very own spear to catch our food, the hunter gatherers returned to class and made their own spear with their chosen stick, cardboard and tin foil..some really great teamwork was involved in this. Throughout the morning the children took part in workshops which included pot making and willow weaving, they had a fantastic time. During the afternoon our Stone Age men and women turned into artists and food testers; drawing their own wooly mammoth and tasting berries and sunflower seeds. The children were remarkably well behaved and enthusiastic throughout the whole day. I am so sad that we're nearly at the end of the academic year; with only a few weeks left in Hummingbirds together, I look forward to having even more fun!

05.22 50s Day in Hummingbirds!

05.22-Natual History Museum!

05.22 May Day in Hummingbirds Class


This week in Geography we have been looking at Cave Paintings. We have conducted our own research on the topic and found out a lot of information. We were then given the opportunity to become Stone Age people and make our own Cave Paintings. We used the tables as our caves, and our fingers to draw a Stone Age animal of our choice.


In our first Stone Age lesson today, we became archaeologists, just like the boy in our book in English! We had opportunity to explore different artifacts from the Stone Age and made predictions of what we thought they were and what they were used for.


This week we have been so lucky to have Jonathan and his Jungle Roadshow into Year 3! We spent the morning learning all about different insects and creatures that come from the rainforest and beyond. This was a great way to learn even more about our fantastic topic! 


"It was really exciting because I got to hold an actual snake. I've never seen a snake in real life. It wasn't really squishy and it wasn't like a was in the middle of that feeling!"-Hannah 

"I've never seen a snake in my life, and the bottom was so so smooth and warm. His tongue kept licking me!"-A'isha.

"It was really fun because I got to see Elsa the blue spider, I've never seen a blue spider before"-Isaac

"The orange, blue and red spider was really cool to look at. It did a poo! It also climbed our board!"-Ryan

"I got to hold the middle of the snake, I could feel Rafiki's lungs going in and out!"-Erin


Thank you Jonathan, as you can see, we had a really fantastic time.


Here is Jonathan's website if you'd like to see some of the snakes and spiders we met today.


Still image for this video
This week in Maths we have been working on fractions. Here is us trying to find a whole!

03.22- Red Nose Day Musical Bumps!

03.22 Please read Emma and Immy's fantastic setting descriptions!


At Eynsham we know how important is that children are aware of difficulties that may arise during their childhood and as they move into their teens. In Hummingbirds, the children are always so sensible and respectful when taking part in difficult conversations and topics during PSHE. This term our unit is based upon 'Healthy Me'.


Today in PSHE, we had a long conversation about drugs, we learnt that drugs can be good and bad, that there are drugs that can really help us while some are not safe. By the end of the lesson, we could identify our feelings towards drugs and we had a lot more knowledge. During the lesson we were given this scenario:

One day, Laura and Callum were walking home from school together. As they walked through the park, Callum noticed a bag underneath a bench, so they went over to have a look: inside the bag were some drugs. Laura said to Callum, “Who do you think this bag belongs to?”
Callum said, “Laura, what you do think they were going to do with this bag of drugs?”
Laura said to Callum, “What shall we do with the drugs?”


We spent time as a group acting it out and deciding what we would do if we were Laura and Callum.

3.22-World Book Day!

We have had a fantastic World Book Day! All of us took part in dressing up as our favourite book character from a Roald Dahl book. We spent the day having workshops, watching Matilda on stage, reading our favourite books to each other, writing book reviews and most importantly having lots of fun celebrating reading.

2.22 Chinese Dance Workshop!

Year 3 & 4 final performance

2.22 Fun at Bartholomew Dance Festival!

11.21 Mindfulness Workshop!

10.21 Escape from Pompeii!