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History and Geography

History and Geography form the basis of most of our termly topics or themes at Eynsham Community Primary School. These also flow into our text rich English curriculum with links to texts around this Historical or Geographical theme. For example, ‘War and Peace’ in Year 5 is a history-led topic exploring the events of 1939-45, and children read Goodnight Mr Tom and Rose Blanche.  


Within History lessons, we aim that children have a chronological understanding of major points in History including, world history, national history as well as the History of Eynsham. Children will gain sound understanding of how these historic events have helped to shape modern Britain, and the world. For example, the ancient Greek introduction of democracy, and how this has developed through time. We hope that this understanding of historical events helps them understand how it has shaped modern society. Also, by implementing this historical thinking, children can emapthise with historical figures about decisions they have had to make and get children to justify whether they think this was the correct decision to make.


Within our school, we also aim to improve children's historical understanding through hands on experiences related to their area of learning in History. For example, when the children learn about the ancient Egyptian culture, children will travel to the British Museum to visit some real life mummies and see the Rosetta stone. These hands on experiences really bring to life the children's learning within the classroom and engage them with this excellent curriculum. 


This year at Eynsham we are aiming to achieve recognition for our History teaching through achieving the Historical association mark. 


In Geography, we aim to inspire children curiosity and fascination about the world. Children will be taught key Geographical skills as well as knowledge. Children will explore physical and human features of our planet, including the impact of human factors contributing towards climate change. Children will gain a knowledge of local and world geography, including and understanding of Oxford and Eynsham and how and why they have changed through time. Children will be explored to different cultures and compare them to where they live, comparing life of children of similar ages in different countries. Also, within our curriculum, children are taught how to map read, and apply these skills in activities throughout each year group. They will assess the strengths and weaknesses of technology and appreciate how maps have developed through time.