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Click on the links below to visit our class pages.  You can explore the different Historical based learning that has taken place, including excursions and experiences, in order to develop the children's historical skills, knowledge and understanding.


As a whole school, we celebrated the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in style by travelling back in time to the 50s.  Children explored a range of themes from the time including: Life and Times of the Queen, technology, music and dance, school life, fashion and art.  Children also created commemorative tiles which will be part of a celebratory mural.  The week ended with everyone performing a dance from the 50s.  Please brows our class pages to see our amazing photos! 


Look at Year 1, Puffin and Penguin class pages, to explore their work on Dinosaurs and their visit to Woodstock Museum.

Look at the Year 2 Sparrows class page to explore their work on 'The Great Fire of London' and 'Great Explorers'.  This includes a materials workshop provided by Science Oxford.

Delve into the Year 3 class pages for Hummingbirds and Nightingales and discover what they have been learning about the Romans, including a visit to Chedworth Roman Villa and Roman Day.

Explore the Year 4 class pages to see what they have been learning about Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, including a residential to Hill End.  Children have also been learning about life in Ancient Egypt which involved a visit to the British Museum in London.

Look at Year 5 class pages to see the learning that has taken place about World War 2, including an 'Evacuation Experience.'

Delve into the Year 6 class pages to explore their work on Ancient Greece, including an 'Ancient Greek Day' and workshop activity.  Look out for our work on the Tudors soon!