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Headteacher’s Blog 28.2.17

The sun is shining and the children are smiling.


I do really get a buzz from this job….I am just out of Key Stage 2 assembly with children from Years 3 to 6.  As well as sharing some guitar playing and talking about the meaning of Lent, I introduced the school values theme for March, which will be around respecting property.  I asked the children to consider the following questions:

  • What is ‘property’?
  • What belongs to us?
  • What doesn’t belong to anybody?
  • Should we look after other peoples’ property as well as our own?
  • Is the earth someone’s property?


We then moved on to

  • Is our personality our property?
  • Is our ‘soul’, ‘life force’ or ‘essence’ our property?


To aid the children in conceptualising this idea, and due to it being World Book Day on Thursday, I talked about the idea of the Patronus, from the Harry Potter books and films.  If they had a patronus, which animal would it be, and why?  Which aspects of their personality or personal attributes would the animal represent?

I am hoping this has set the scene for the new month’s theme in helping the children move beyond considering simply the material or the concrete, as well as adding to our ongoing consideration of what makes them them, their uniqueness and individuality.


Mr M