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Please take a look at our performances of the narrative poem 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes. Each group performed two verses to help us interpret and translate the poets vocabulary choices. We then really enjoyed performing to the whole year group.


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Monday 7th June 2021 – Geography ‘Growing Bananas’


Learning Objective: To introduce the concept of Fair Trade and the benefits it can bring and enable pupils to empathise with Caribbean banana growers in the Windward Islands.


In today’s lesson, we introduced the children to the concept of Fair Trade and the partnership between producers and consumers, based on reciprocal benefit and mutual respect. We discussed how Fair-Trade works to overcome the injustices of ‘free’ trade, promotes sustainable development and considers environmental damage. The children really enjoyed working in teams to represent a family of Caribbean banana growers. The simulation game ran for 3 rounds, each round representing a year of banana growing. The children allocated a team member to be complete their balance sheet for each year which required calculating income and expenditure for the years produce. After year one, the children quickly realised the importance of crop quality and the high expectations of consumers in Britain (no yellow bananas!). To enable the children to gain more empathy each round introduced ‘chance cards’ which allowed some groups to experiment he benefits of becoming Fair Trade producers whilst others remain ‘locked’ into the injustices of conventional world trade. This helped the children understand how Fair-Trade works and realise that there is no ‘quick cure’ for the problems faced by producers. This activity allowed the children to enrich their cooperation, communication, and decision-making skills.

Here are our 'Growing Bananas' activity pictures

Year 5 Summer Term infomration

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Hi everyone, here is more information about the learning year 5 will be doing during the Summer Term.

Rose Blanche Freeze Frames - This week we have been exploring more of our class text and getting into role. We worked in groups to re-create scenes from the text; we used body language and facial expressions to represent our thoughts and feelings. This really helped us draw story maps and write exciting sentences using relative clauses!

This week in Hawks class we've been looking at a type of poetry called Kennings. The children have produced some excellent, effective work in relation to war. Here are some of the amazing examples of the descriptive poetry type they've created:


Sadness bringer,

Scary Nazi,

Innocent victim,

Hateful Hitler,

Loud gunshots,

Horrifying soldier,

Fast Plane,

Brave soldiers.

By Megan L


Screaming sirens,

Gunshots dominating,

Bodies lifeless,

Blood dripping,

Planes exploding.

By Illia R


Why war? By Oscar L

Terrifying screams,

Alarming gunshots,

Flaming buildings,

Frightful fights,

Horrible Hitler,

Spiteful enemies,

Sudden explosions,

Innocents murdered.



Innocent murder,

Destruction of cities,

Scared children,

Disturbing death,

Suffering soldiers,

Terrified explosions. 

By Jessica D


Against war. By Lucas Z

Peaceful nights,

Innocent lives,

Beautiful cities,

Losing lives,

Friendly people,

Equal rights,

Caring lives,

Beautiful nights.


Controlling lord,

Enemies dead,

Blatant gunshots,

Amazing victory,

Powerful teamwork,

Ruthless soldiers,

Unstoppable power,

Death and victory.

By Sammy F


Gaining power, 

Fabulous fighters,

Perfect planes,

Great Churchill,

Daring dogs,

Secret spies,

Cheering crowds,

Amazing aircraft.

By Anna E


Frightful war by Elsie P

Frightful war,

Evil destroyer,

Disturbing heartbreaker,

Unbreakable curse,

Horrifyingly brutal,

World ending.

Trigger shot,

Blood, death.