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Welcome to Hawks 2021 Class page smiley


Here you will find updates about what your wonderful, hardworking children have been getting up to in our class. Please be sure to visit on a weekly basis!


Geography - Hawks have made an exciting start to our Geography learning. We have gained fantastic atlas and map reading skills to locate all 23 countries in North America. We then moved onto exploring lines of Latitude and Longitude, which we found really tricky to begin with, now we can confidently explain why they are used and use them to find and locate countries around the world. We played a really fun battle ships games!

This week, Hawks re-created the digestive system in Science! We looked at the mouth and how it breaks up food and then the journey the food takes until it becomes waste. Have a look at what we've created (it was messy!)

November - PE with Miss Hill - We really enjoyed playing 'Battleships' today and trying to get our opponents out. We then had lots of fun planning our own team games, which we are going to teach to our friends and enjoy playing next week!

Performance Poetry - This week we really enjoyed listening to poems, choosing our favourites and then performing them in groups. We worked hard on using expression, varying our tone and ensuring our performance would engage the intended audeince.

Steel Pans workshop. As part of Black history month, children leaned the art of playing the steel pans. Hawks were really talented and much too quick, even for Ms Hicks!

Please take a look at our slideshow of today's English lesson. We took part in lots of different drama activities including role play, freeze frames, hot seating and conscience alley. As you can see from the images, we worked hard on our facial expressions and body language to portray the character's from our class text 'Once' As you can see, we loved it and as a result our writing was inspired and fantastic!

As part of Black History month, we got the chance to take part in an African dance workshop which we really enjoyed.

Please have a look at our WWII Blitz inspired artwork which we have worked really hard on and thoroughly enjoyed!

This week in Science we have been testing the water resistance of different shaped vessels and how well they travel through water! Check out our experiments!

Testing air resistance. This week we have been testing the effects of air resistance on our running. We used parachutes to measure the difference in speed of our runs between running with and without a parachute.