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Great Fire of London Day 16/12/20

Today, our class had a fantastic Great Fire of London day. Everyone dressed up in Tudor clothes and experienced life as it would have been in London in 1666.



We became historical investigators and went on a time travelling mission back to September 1666. To help us gather evidence for our investigation we questioned a 1666 Estate Agent about the quality of houses in 1666.  We met with Thomas Farriner, Samuel Pepys, and the Lord Mayor Bloodworth. Using our knowledge of the Great Fire of London we were able to generate a timeline of events.

Later, we enjoyed baking bread and sang London’s Burning whilst Erin skilfully played the piano.

Erin playing London's Burning.mp4

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Even the rain didn’t stop us from recreating the burning of Pudding Lane. We watched with bated breath as Mr Reeves set fire to our Tudor houses demonstrating how quickly the fire spread because of the materials the houses were made of and how close they were together.  To help put out the fire we formed a human chain, passing thimbles of water and throwing them on the fire, this did not work so we pulled down houses to create a fire break – fortunately, this worked!

Video of Sparrow Class Pudding Lane fire.mp4

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What the children had to say ...

“The best part was when we set our houses on fire, it was really exciting!” – Erin C

“It was interesting to try the different ways they used in 1666 to stop the fire” – Felicia

“I enjoyed dressing up as Thomas Farriner” – Sammy

“It was fun singing London’s Burning, whilst Erin played the piano” – Ruby A

“I enjoyed acting out The Great Fire of London, playing the different characters” - Ada

The day was great fun and brought our learning to life!


Message from Mrs James :

I would personally like to thank the parents and carers who embraced the children's learning throughout this topic - making costumes, helping the children plan and design their Tudor houses and more importantly listening to the children enthuse about their Great Fire of London learning.


See below for a slideshow of additional photographs of the day - enjoy!