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Here you will find exciting updates about what your wonderful, hardworking children have been getting up to in our class.

Please be sure to visit on a weekly basis and follow our year 6 journey!


YEAR 6 - Biography Writing -2.12.2022. Please enjoy reading some examples of our latest published writing, all about a very courageous hero, named Harriet Tubman. We spent time researching her life achievements and then writing a biography independently. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we loved writing them!

Year 6 Science- 21.11.2022 - Making Periscopes. This week we investigated the use of periscopes and how we could make our own to prove light travels in straight lines; being reflected accurately using mirrors to spy on our friends ab0ve the table. Please ask your child to tell you all about it and what they learnt!

Year 6 Visit to Rewley Road Fire Station - Today our class took part in the Junior Citizen programme. During our visit each child experienced a safety scenario where they are taught a variety of skills and suggested ways to safely deal with a situation which could arise during daily life. The aim of each safety scenario is to allow children the opportunity of recognising and dealing with danger in a realistic way and one which they will remember, should they need to cope with a similar situation in real life. All the children were given the chance to make a 'real' 999 phone call as well as take part in a river rescue, stranger danger, animal safety, internet safety, fire safety, cycle safety, railway safety and hazards around the home. All the children responded fantastically in the situations remaining clam, sensible and really impressed all the staff with their amazing current safety knowledge and understanding - such a fantastic trip!

This week in our PSHE lessons we worked on a scenario which involved some children who had been involved in potential criminal. We held a meeting in role as either a police officer, fire officer, headteacher, teacher or parent. Please ask your child about the role they played and the suitable punishment they decided on for the offenders!

Please enjoy our work based on Peter Reynolds story ‘The Dot’. Today at Eynsham, we have been celebrating International Dot Day! We have created our own piece of artwork centred around a single dot. All of our art will be different, but it shows that everyone in our community can be included and can achieve!

Year 6 Greek Day - What an absolutely amazing day we have had,. We have learnt so many facts in the most fun and exciting with Lauren. We have even enjoyed a mini Olympics - of course Eagles were the champions and we beat the Kestrels! Our day has also included story telling, games, puzzles, a quiz, role-play and real-life artefact exploring. Please ask your child all about our incredible day!

This week in Science we started to explore our new unit of work all about Light. We were given a light source and explored on our tables 'Does light only travel in straight lines?' please ask your child to tell you what we discovered. We also explored shadows and what happens when we try to change the direction of light.