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This week in school we have been looking at instructional writing in English and had an exciting morning making ice-cream in a bag where we then wrote up a set of instructions for someone else to follow and produce some perfectly delicious ice-cream!  In Maths we were looking at measure and were specifically focusing on perimeter and learning how to work out the perimeter of any shape.  We also started thinking about and producing our May Day Dance.  This will be available for all adults to watch online at the end of next week.  


Welcome back everybody, I hope you all had a lovely Easter break.  We've had a great first week back and the children have really impressed me how hard they're trying in everything and how independently they are working.  We have spent the week focusing on our 8 times tables in Maths and with that knowledge, we have been able to divide by 8 with ease.  The children have a great song that helps them remember the 8 times tables, maybe they could sing it to you at home!  In English we have started our now class book 'The Stone Age Boy' which ties in with our new History topic for this term too.  We have been looking at character description and creating dialogue between two characters.