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We started the week by recieving a persuasive letter from Mrs Bayliss herself! Persuading us that we were the noisiest class in the school, and that we should leave our voices at home! This has caused a stir, and after thinking up lots of reasons why we are actually the quietest, the children wrote a letter back. This enabled us to see what the children needed to learn about letter writing, we spent the week looking at informal and formal language, features of a letter, looking at different arguments and finally planning a letter that the Children are looking forward to writing Monday. 


In Maths, we have had a tricky week of learning all about angles, clockwise and anti-clock wise turns and the different points of a compass. The children have taken the challenge in their stride, and have been impressing me each day! 


We are all really tired, but are having the best time! We are very excited about Christmas, but understand that learning at the same time is still really important. Great job Hummingbirds!